Giveaway | 4- $175 Winners

Boy, did you choose an amazing day to head to Everyday With Bay! We have a super amazing giveaway hitting the blog today & I’m so excited to share it! We will be awarding $700 total to 4 $175 winners! But first, this weekend went by wayyyy too fast around here! We had plans with friends that got messed up because #life but I got to spend time with my babies and that’s always a win so I call it a success! I’ve already got a case of the Monday’s and it’s Sunday night when I’m writing this! πŸ˜‰ It’s never enough time with daddy home, my mom visiting for a bit and lazy weekend hangs! But I hope this giveaway brightens your Monday & hopefully you will be the winner!Β  Continue Reading

Floral Crown Party | Cocktails + Crowns

Is there anything more magical than a floral crown? I sure don’t think so! I dare you to put one on and not feel like a goddess!! If you follow along on Instagram or Snapchat then I’m sure most of you know I recently attended a Cocktails + Crowns floral crown party with several other West Texas bloggers and let me tell you, it was a night to remember!

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Spring Beauty Essentials

Beauty essentials are quickly becoming a favorite topic around Everyday With Bay! I get asked all of the time my favorites and things I’m currently using so I have teamed up Jamie & Cassie once again this week to share with all of you our spring beauty essentials, so grab a cup of coffee & enjoy!! Anything you purchase from EDWB affiliate links earn me a small commission so thank you for supporting the brands I love! Continue Reading

3 Reasons You NEED Girl’s Night

Girl’s nights, they are a must around here…like I NEED them regularly! It’s so nice to have girl talk, drink wine and just chit chat about things that, lets be honest, our men don’t care about! The last girl’s night I had was with a group of precious local bloggers and it was a blast! Not only are the girls super sweet but they all run amazing blogs and sometimes you just need other bloggers to talk hashtags, collabs and how much work it really is, because these girls get it! Continue Reading

Spring Essentials for Kids

Spring time fun can seriously be some of my favorite days! It’s got potential (when it’s not blowing 400 mph) to be gorgeous outside, not too hot and everything is just so full of crisp life and a new outlook! At least that’s how we feel! After winter is over I am literally looking for any excuse to be outside with my kids! We are all better people when were outside enjoying the nice air! Continue Reading

My Daughter, My Love

I love having a daughter. I love looking at her tiny little body and immediately seeing myself as a little girl. I love her motherly instincts. I love that she takes care of everything in her life with such a passion and true love. I love that she doesn’t waiver in her beliefs or thoughts (even though this causes about 99.9% of our arguments) I love that she is unaffected by people & kids around her and that she does what makes HER happy.

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is right around the corner y’all! I can’t believe it! We are coming up on our year anniversary of moving towns and Mother’s Day was the first holiday we celebrated in our new home! Last year my hubby surprised me with a Louis Vuitton that I had been drooling over for literally years!! I was so pumped and I still love it dearly! They really are such versatile, high quality bags!Β  Continue Reading

Style Lularoe To Fit You

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last few months then I’m sure you have heard of LuLaRoe! I have purchased a few pieces and I truly do love them! They are all so comfy and versatile but I really wanted to spice things up with a few LuLaRoe pieces and make them not look like the traditional LuLaRoe! I wanted to make them a little more fashion forward and put them with some non-lula pieces! So here are a few of my favorite looks I’ve put together and I hope this gives you some new ideas for how to style your LuLaRoe! Keep reading for a giveaway!Β  Continue Reading