10 Totally Random Things I’m Thankful For

thankful wife

So November always has me in a very thankful mood! I get extra thankful-ly for even silly things so I thought I would share my top ten random thankfuls!

1. A Heating Pad– I have a weird obsession with laying with one at night! I guess I should just get a heated blanket but I don’t want it all over, just on my back! #weirdiknow

2. Dry Shampoo– If you haven’t used this stuff, you aren’t truly living life yet! #getsomenow [get it here]

3. Daylight Savings Time– Totally helps my kids think it’s super late when we put them to bed at 6:30 just to stay sane! #judgeme 😉

4. Spray Tan– Winter pale is just not my favorite so I’m very thankful for a quick Versa Spa session to make me feel alive every once in awhile during winter! [get it here]

5. Heated Seats– Like obsessed…My old car had a heated steering wheel and man I sure miss that thing in the winter months but heated seats sure don’t disappoint!

6. Taco Villa Cokes— May seem weird but it’s totally taken the place of a Sonic Coke for me, they are consistently better than Sonic so I make a happy hour run basically every day! 

7.  White Noise Machines– If you have a baby and you aren’t using these, then I dare you to try it and tell me your baby doesn’t sleep better/longer! They.Are.Magic [get it here]

8. Babysitters– Seriously, invest in one! We used to only count on family but when family gets to busy and you need time with your hubby, these girls are about as valuable as the air I breathe! We use the service Seeking Sitters in our area and my kids have loved every single one! They are all CPR/First Aid certified, background checked and even come with activities most of the time! They are super qualified, always on time, keep me updated when I want to be & my babes always wake up asking for them! So thats a win in my book! We also have another girl that sits for us from our old hometown and she’s a doll too! Seriously, go find one! And for all of you Lubbock, Amarillo, Fort Worth, Abilene & Austin ladies, put Everyday With Bay as your referral when signing up as a member and you will get the first 2 hrs FREE of any 4+ hr babysitting event or if you are already a Seeking Sitters member put Everyday With Bay offer in the notes section of the request!!

9. A Husband That Needs Date Night– Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love all date nights but sometimes as a mom I get swept up in doing so many things that planning dates gets pushed to the back…I’m so thankful for Matt, he is constantly telling me, get a sitter, we need “us” time! Even if it’s grocery shopping it is so crucial to our relationship and I’m so happy he pursues me!

thankful wife

10. Hot Baths– They cure every long day am I right? 

What are some of your random things you are thankful for? These seem like such small things in the scheme of the REAL things I’m thankful like my Savior, my family, our health, my friends & our faith but sometimes that Taco Villa coke just really turns my day around! 🙂

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