3 Reasons You NEED Girl’s Night

Girl’s nights, they are a must around here…like I NEED them regularly! It’s so nice to have girl talk, drink wine and just chit chat about things that, lets be honest, our men don’t care about! The last girl’s night I had was with a group of precious local bloggers and it was a blast! Not only are the girls super sweet but they all run amazing blogs and sometimes you just need other bloggers to talk hashtags, collabs and how much work it really is, because these girls get it!

We all met up for a West Texas blogger event at Cafe J!  If you haven’t been to Cafe J, you need to go, like yesterday! They have the most amazing appetizers, a perfect drink menu and the atmosphere is unbeatable! We ate until our hearts were content and it was perfect! Most of these ladies are moms as well so it’s always nice to eat uninterrupted! 😉 So if your feeling guilty about taking a girl’s night, let me make you feel better and explain 3 reasons you need it!


It’s good for you!

Literally, it will make you feel better! Changing up your normal day and bringing in new conversations can truly spark happiness that you may be missing!

It’s good for your kids!

I know what your thinking…”how can girl’s night be good for my kids” well trust me when I say they need time away from you just like you do from them! Even if it’s daddy time, they need that one on one time with him too!

You build relationships on a different level!

I know for me before becoming a mom relationships were great! I had so much time for friends and didn’t even need to plan anything, it just happened organically! Now after becoming a mom, my friend relationships have taken the back-burner and now I plan weeks in advance, like put it on my calendar that girls night IS happening and it usually works out great!

These girls truly made my night! We shared so many victories as moms, students, bloggers etc and it was so refreshing to see so many of us with the same passion and drive! I can’t wait for our next meet up but until then I’ll introduce them to y’all! Y’all head over to their blogs for some great fashion, mom stuff, and more!

Cassie of Cassie Rea // @mrscassierea

Ps. May is the month to visit Cafe J if you haven’t tried it out yet! All of may 40% off of Rosé Wines! Cafe J will also be hosting a Rosé wine patio dinner later this month! So make sure you are following along with them on Facebook and Instagram!

Now, hop off here and text your girlfriends for a night out! I say text because let’s be honest no one has time to actually talk on the phone! CHEERS! 

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