3 Tips For A Clean-ish House

Living with little people & cleaning up after them is like cleaning up after a rager at your house that you weren’t even invited to! Anyone else feel like they are constantly looking around their house & thinking “Man I could feed another child off my floor!” NO?! Please please tell me this can’t just be my house! I have been trying to find new ways to stay on top of this because being outnumbered 3-1 during they day my house can go from clean to scary in a matter literally seconds…

1.  Keep floors vacuumed

Does anyone else feel like if their floors are clean-ish their house is clean?? I say clean-ish so lightly because my house in my normal standards is never truly clean anymore….I’m one crushed cheerio away from losing my mind! #seriously I am constantly brushing off my feet to put shoes on…to get in bed….you get the picture!  Well this Dyson is a #gamechanger! It’s my new sanity-saver, it’s cordless, super light and has all the attachments to make any nook a breeze to clean…and by nook I might mean I vacuum off my children & my feet! HA! totally kidding But this Dyson Absolute V8 vacuum goes from carpet to hard surface flooring and anywhere in between! It has 2 different suction powers and can go up to 40 minutes without needing a charge! I’m telling you, you NEED this! It’s a little slice of #adulting Heaven! You should have seen me opening this thing, my husband even made fun of me for being so excited but now he has seen it in action and how well it tackled the ever so awful “under the highchair” blackhole and now our entire family fights over who gets to use it! Annnddd its C O R D L E S S, which means no more babies getting wrapped in the cords or pulling on the vacuum! You can purchase here! Here are some pictures of the Dyson in action!




img_1837One pass at the blackhole that is under the highchair!  img_1844


That is after one pass over the pretzels #amazing


2. Pick up things twice a day

Do not, I repeat do not follow your little people around all day cleaning up behind them! I tried this & literally spent my entire day cleaning up messes only to find myself exhausted with another mess to be cleaned. After many phone calls to my poor husband, who gets lotsssss of emotional, “Y’all goin make me lose my mind up in here, up in here” calls #butfirstgangsterrap he finally talked me into cleaning up twice a day, once right before nap time & once at bedtime! It has truly changed my outlook, so ladies sometimes give your husbands some credit because they can have some really great ideas! I now just let my kids be kids, I do things I need to do and then after lunch I pick up (with the help of my kids) and get things back in order so during naptime mommy’s saving grace time I can do what I want to do! If that means clean, great….if it means sulk because I have been defeated by the #littlepeople on the couch while eating my weight in oreos, EVENNNNN better!

3. Have your kids get involved

If you follow me on instagram then you saw this picture the other day. I have really started to make my kids accountable for helping around the house! I no longer pick up their plates, trash or toys! It’s literally been so nice and I realize they are wayyyy more capable then I gave them credit for & I wish I had done this way sooner. You definitely have to be patient and know it won’t be done as fast as you want it or as good as you want it but at least its help and you are also teaching them valuable lessons!

So I hope these tips help you survive the days of “how did my house get like this” & just remember they are only little once! That mirror with 192837192 fingerprints will soon be a clean mirror, your sticky floor will soon be sparkling clean & you will long for these messy, long days so give yourself some grace and just wipe those crumbs off your feet one more time with a smile! (Your bed will thank you later) Now I’m off to go vacuum something, which may include the freakin tiny legos that are a llllll over my kitchen!


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  1. Loved your post and can relate to having a ‘clean-ish’ house. The word clean has been replaced with clean-ish in my household since having children.

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