4 Reasons Why 4 Is The Most Fun Age At Christmas

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So Christmas time is magical even as an adult! It seriously just all makes me happy…the decorations, the music, the food just all of it y’all! But having kids at Christmas just absolutely makes my heart swell! Those of you who already have kids totally know what I’m talking about and those of you who don’t quite yet…just wait! The faces, the magic it’s just amazing! Our first Christmas with Greleigh was so fun, even though she had no idea what was going on we had so much fun buying her things, playing Santa, the whole works! We did it for a 9 month old…Well now that Greleigh is 4 it’s officially my favorite age for Christmas yet! These are my reasons why!

1.  She finally understands the REAL reason!

-Greleigh talks about the Christmas story daily! She tells the details of what happened and how it’s Jesus’ Birthday and that’s the real reason we celebrate! I also have her precious preschool to thank for instilling what we already taught her but as you know when kids hear things from other people sometimes it sinks in more! I just love that she understands now how important this time of the year is!

2. Her imagination!

She hears bells…”Mom that might be santa!” She anxiously awaits “sprinkles” our elf to be in a new spot in the morning (And this is all I do ladies…move her, no set ups or props…I just am not that fun lol) and the giggles that follow when she finds her almost bring tears to my eyes! The calls from Santa on daddy’s phone are quite possibly the coolest thing ever, and if he FaceTimes us….she just can’t deal with the excitement!

3. Her thankfulness!

We try to make sure our children understand about the less fortunate around the world and do our best to show them what it means to be thankful & to spread love during this season of giving! She is finally understanding all of this and talks about children in Haiti a lot! (My sister and her husband went on a mission trip there so she remembers the stories) She has loved gathering some of her old toys for some local children! We will also be shopping for a few kids this year to make their day more special! 

I’m beyond obsessed with this picture….that lean, she’s a natural! 😉

Dress C/O Cuteheads // Glasses C/O Jonas Paul Eyewear // Shoes Joyfolie (other option)

4. She decorates and LEAVES it decorated!

This sounds silly but she finally leaves all the decorations alone! Lol Her brothers on the other hand I can ocaislonlly find one with a pine cone in his mouth and the other using a glass ball ornament as a baseball….you get me!

(By the way, before we headed out for this shoot with Kaci, I had my lipstick hijacked by a certain 4 year old who has stained lips in allll of these pictures)

Christmas is magical no matter if you have kids or the age of your children but 4 is by far my favorite! She is so into every thing Christmas and mentions Baby Jesus all the time and how thankful she is for his birthday! We were driving the other day and the song “The Most Wondeful Time Of the Year” came of and she told me to turn it down and said “Mom, this is the most wonderful time of the year but not because of presents or toys it’s because Baby Jesus was born to us!” Yalllllll….#heartmelt

And y’all make sure you go check out my sweet friend Kaci Franco’s photography website! She has a true gift yall! You can find it here!

Merry Christmas time everyone! Be Blessed!

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