4 Reasons You Need To Put Christmas Lights on Your House

Tis’ the Season right? I am literally all in on Christmas this year! My kids are so excited for everything Christmas so we are doing all the decorating, getting our house Santa ready, and just making sure we have everything in place before the hustle & bustle starts full swing! There is just something so magical about Christmas lights am I right? I literally get all giddy when I see them going up on other houses (which means it’s totally acceptable if other people are doing it before me to go ahead & get mine up even tA¸hough my husband disagrees) and it’s even better when you have kids who ask for them & then see their faces light up the first time they see them on YOUR house! I just can’t y’all…so if you are feeling kind of put out by all the things you have to do before Christmas let me tell you 4 reasons you NEED Christmas lights on your house this year!

1.  Your Kids

There isn’t much in this world that beats Christmas lights in the eyes of a child! I promise you this, no matter how much they cost, how much work or time it takes to get them up it will all be worth it the minute you see their face! We got ours put up yesterday and literally the entire time the guys were working my kids kept asking “are they done yet?” “can we go look at them” “are the lit up yet” “how did they get on our roof” I mean the questions continued alllll day but when we finally got to walk outside and see the finished product they were estatic!

(My little blur wouldn’t stop running around in my pictures)img_4043

2. Brings Neighborhood Cheer 

It is always a family favorite of ours to drive around the most lit up neighborhoods! There is just something about seeing house after house lit up that just makes it seem so magical and cheerful! It really does kick off the holiday season!a I can’t wait to see our street come to life with lights and really hope everyone participates!

3. You can support a local business

This year we lucked out and found a local company who believes providing excellent service more than anything! Motion Lawn Services does so much more than Christmas lighting/decor but we were so impressed with their pricing and ability to get us scheduled! We couldn’t be more thankful for the excellent job! The guys at Motion Lawns were super professional, came & got straight to work, worked efficiently and left my house and walkways looking beautiful with Christmas lights! As I said earlier, they do provide other services such as fall leaf clean up, mowing, flower bed clean outs, hedge trimming & seasonal clean up so now that we’ve found them I’m sure they will be at our house more often! They are Tech graduate owned & operated which we love! Anytime we can support a Red Raider grad business, we are so in! If you are in the market for any of the services I mentioned, I can’t recommend them enough! Below is some more info on their services so feel free to contact them and make sure you mention that EVERYDAY WITH BAY sent you for 10% off!

img_3998 img_3999 img_4002 img_3996 img_3991 img_3964 img_3961 img_3954

christmas lights

img_4036 img_4033

img_40314. Keep a Christmas Tradition

Christmas lights have been around for many many years! Since the 17th century people have been placing some sort of light on the outside of their houses or on their trees! It used to be small candles but with the danger & expenses people have evolved it into lights over the years! It is something that I hope to see around for many years, and look forward to keeping this tradition alive as long as we can!

I am so happy with how our Christmas lights turned out! They are the perfect holiday addition & my kiddos couldn’t be more excited for the Christmas season! Now with the lights turned on Kaige keeps asking “Is it Frissmas tomorrow” #heartmelt

But seriously, contact Tanner at Motion Lawn Services today to get your Christmas lights put on your house! You won’t be disappointed! Your husband will thank you & so will your kids! Merry Christmas Season Y’all!

This post is in collaboration with Motion Lawns! ALL thoughts, opinions and images are that of my own! 


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