5 Things to Teach Your Child Before Preschool

As many of you know sending your child to preschool or school in general can be a scary thing! For us it was the first time we had left Greleigh anywhere for an extended period of time without being in the same building as her. I was nervous, she was nervous and I knew if I wanted the transition to school to be seamless for us both there were things I needed make sure Greleigh knew so I’m sharing how we prepped for preschool!

1. Always be yourself

I have told Greleigh this for as long as I can remember but I really wanted to focus on this hard before she went to school! We had lots of conversations about how there would be different people in this world, some who would try to change her, make her do things she didn’t want to, etc! I explained how God made her just the way he wanted and to always remember that no matter what the circumstance and stay true to her heart!

2. Always be kind

I want to raise kind children! In a world where there is SO much ugly & mean I stressed to Gre how important it was to show kindness, no matter what! I explained to her The Golden Rule of treating others the way she would want to be treated and how kindness goes a long way in this world!

3. Always use your manners

This is a different one from being kind! In our house saying “yes ma’am/yes sir” “no ma’am/no sir” “thank you” “you’re welcome” is huge! I’m pretty sure if I had a penny for every time I have had to remind my kids to say these things I would be like oh so rich! But you know what, it matters! I’ll say it until I’m blue in the face if that means I have kiddos who know what it means to be respectful and to know how to appreciate people with words!

4. Wipe Yourself (wait, what? Please hang on, keep reading)

I know I know, seems funny right?! Well you know what’s not funny? It being the Friday before your child starts school and realizing you have never made her wipe her own um….poop! I mean we have had the occasional “try” but I’ve always just needed up coming in and taking over! Yah, freak out mode now….well thankfully we found Cottonelle® FreshCare® Flushable Cleansing Cloths at SAMs (<— membership info)! and these were seriously our life saver during that weekend! They are moist, flush/break down immediately, and come in a super convenient flip top container that made it super easy for Greleigh to get what she needed! I’m sure I’m not the only mom who sorta kinda forgot that my child may need to poop at school and I wouldn’t be around to just come wipe her! haha! Man, that could have been a messy weekend but those Cottonelle CleanRipple® wipes sure made this teachable weekend alottttt “cleaner” if you know what I mean! She felt confident going to school and now we still use them in the kiddos bathroom on the reg (and possibly our bathroom)!






5. Have Fun

I wanted Greleigh to remember the importance of having fun!  Be silly, use her imagination, love her teachers, and make new friends! I wanted this experience of school to be a great one, so I didn’t put any pressure on her with expectations! If there were kids who could already write their name or count to 50, I didn’t care! I wanted her to have fun, love life and most importantly love our decision to start school!

Sending your baby to school for the first time can be scary but I really feel like preparing them about whats to come and reminding them of all the things you’ve been teaching them over the years sure helps! It was really like a test of how she would be, how she would act, and heck how I would do without her! We sure miss our Greleigh in the mornings but I am so thankful she is having the time of her life, making new friends, learning to be independent and putting all her life skills she’s acquired so far to make this new season of our life such a fun one for all of us!

What are some things you want your children to remember as they head off to the big world? Are you a mom like me who was so worried about everything else that you forgot about your child having to wipe themselves?! If so I highly encourage you to run to SAMs, get a membership and buy these Cottonelle FreshCare CleanRipple® wipes  in bulk to help your child be #confidentlyclean & make your life SOO much easier!




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