5 Tips for Beautiful Hair 

So every girl wants beautiful hair right?! We all dream of shiny, healthy, super soft hair whether it be short or like a mermaid so I’m sharing some of my favorite beauty tips for your hair!! Plus there giveaway for a bottle of #dryshampoo so keep reading! 

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1. Invest in your hair!

I mean this in every way possible! Please do your research for a color specialist, hair stylists, best shampoos/conditioners etc! I feel like this is such an area of you get what you pay for!


So I had a precious friend Callie send me some of her newest products with Monat. If you haven’t heard of Monat you can visit the page here!

I have been using it for about 2 weeks now and I am so impressed! Since being pregnant my hair is not the same as it was before kids. It has become very dry yet oily even after I detoxed from washing so much! It had become a battle to moisturize yet not oil-ize! Ya feel me?

Well Monat has been amazing for my hair, Callie sent me the Balance System to try out and this is the routine I’ve been following!
I wash my hair twice in a row with the renew shampoo! A very little amount goes a long way even for my thick hair! The first wash doesn’t really lather, the second wash should lather up more but still not like store bought shampoo because unfortunately those suds that I used to love mean bad things for your hair apparently!
After I rinse my hair, I use the replenish masque (only about a quarter size) and start from middle & work my way to the bottom!  I leave that it in there for 5-10 mins and rinse out really really well!  I don’t put the masque on my scalp or it seems to get oily but this has helped my ends in ways I can not even explain!!
Next, I towel dry my hair, put a small amount of the leave in conditioner only on my ends and
then out 1-2 drops of the hair oil in your hand and rub it all around your hair and blow dry! (I usually air dry just because I take showers at night and don’t always love blow drying my hair)

 My hair feels amazing, smells amazing and I’m noticing fewer and fewer hairs in my brush which is HUGE!

Sweater details here! 

2. Apply as little heat as possible!

Let your hair have a break! Don’t style it everyday using heat! Let it air dry, do some braids, experiment with ways you can style it using little/to no heat! Your hair will thank you!

3. Detox your hair from washing every day!

I wash my hair mayyyybe 2x a week and my hair is now so much healthier than it used to be when I was washing it everyday! Basically I’m saying my hair is 99.999999% dry shampoo throughout the week! #dontjudge I love that I can go longer now and it really saves me time which Lord knows I need anything to help save time around here! Who wants to win some #dryshampoo from Monat?! Enter the giveaway below!

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4. Do keratin/deep conditioning treatments! 

I try to schedule on of these every 3-6 months but sometimes it just doesn’t happen so I do an at home treatment! I’ve used this & this before!

5. Buy some extensions! 

I use my Hidden Crown extensions all the time y’all!! I’m obsessed and they make my hair look so much healthier and full which I love! They add length when I want super long hair and they are amazing quality! You can watch my “Live” (not so live now but it was at the time) video of me putting them in + styling them on my Facebook page here! Make sure you LIKE it so you can be notified when I go live and stay up to date with everything Everyday With Bay!! You can purchase the extensions here! They will color match you with a current picture of your hair! I talk all about it in the video so go watch!

Beautiful Hair

Thanks Callie with Monat for sponsoring todays post. All thoughts, images, and opinions are that of my own. I can not claim that you will receive the same results from this system as everyone has different hair! 



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