5 tips for a stay-at-home mama

I am a stay-at-home mama, it’s my dream job! I sit on the couch all day while my sweet little innocent children play independently in their own rooms! They make their own breakfast, wipe their own hineys, kiss their own boo boos. You get it, it’s the perfect job! It’s glamorous, it’s easy and I’m a big fat liar! 

  1. Being a mama is hard and all of us mamas know that, working outside the home or staying home, it’s all hard! I wish I had tips for you working outside the home mamas but I’ve never experienced that so I’m gonna shed some of my stay-at-home mama light on you! I’ve been a SAHM for over 4 years now, that means for 4 years now my main source of conversation has been baby talk or toddler babble and I pretty much haven’t been to the bathroom alone in 4 years either! So I thought about some of the ways I make my days go smoother, tips that have helped me keep sane, and things that just make me feel normal in my days of being a stay at  home mama with demanding little people!image

1. ALWAYS have your coffee on a self timer so that’s it’s ready before your kids are up!

  • This may sound silly but there is nothing worse than waking up to a baby covered in poop, a screaming child because we’re out of cereal, and one who tried to independently pour her own milk because she’s 4 now which means she can do anything which resulted in milk all over the floor that your dog is now licking up and flicking on your cabinets. Now imagine all of this going down with a hot cup of coffee already in hand or imagine it without….yah I can handle a lot more with coffee in my life!! So coffee self timer for the win y’all! Seriously if your’s doesn’t do this, change that and get one! I have this one! image

2. Don’t stay in your pajamas all day/everyday!

  • Okay, okay stop freaking out! I said all day/everyday! Don’t get me wrong I loveeeeee, like double love my pajamas but man there is something about putting on real yoga pants (these are my fav) & a tank that just makes me feel a lbittle more put together and like I’m actually doing something with my life! I sometimes put shoes on inside the house just to feel like I’m real or that I’m going somewhere when in reality I hardly ever leave the house with all 3 alone! #hotmessexpressimage

3. Go get some fresh air!

  • Take your kids outside to play or for a walk, it’s magical! You will be surprised how much better you feel & how much their little imaginations start opening up when you just remove them from everything and explore outside!Mamaimage

4. Find playdates/friends (for you & them)

  • Everyone is always like it’s so important for your kids to get social interaction with other kids…yea it is but my goodness I think moms need it more! Kids are entertained with a box, we as moms are not, so find some friends and have them over, join a MOPS group, do something with other adults/kids for the sake of you AND your children! I have friends that have kids and some that don’t and I love them all dearly! Having ones with kids is nice because all of our crazies can play together while we talk about how insane much we love them, while the ones without kids aren’t totally fed up with their own kids so they entertain mine with new things that I don’t do which is totally nice to get a little break in that way!

5. Pray!

  • Some days are just flat out disasterous. Everyone cries, everyone throws fits, everyone loses their temper, everyone yells…I’m talking about you mama! It’s okay! That’s one of the best parts about being a mama, is you have children who love you unconditionally. They don’t care that you break down, that you haven’t worn makeup in 14 days, that your hair hasn’t been washed in a week or that you just need a moment to regroup! They think you are the perfect mama, and you are! So in those moments, I pray, I pray for God to give me patience, love and to give me grace to handle those moments where life just seems to be spiraling out of control! Jesus can change a day in a matter of seconds, so remember He is near and He entrusted you with these sweet little children, so love them hard and remember these days because they will be gone before you know it!image

What tips do you have for making your day go smooth? I’d love to hear them!!



    1. Yes!!! Sometimes even just a little bronzer and some mascara and I feel like I’m a queen! ????

  1. I think one of the best things I learned early on was that your parenting style doesn’t have to match that of your mom friends. You need friends and social support. You shouldn’t be friends with someone who judges you because you parent differently than them, but you also shouldn’t hold everyone to your standard. I’m not worried about my child getting a little extra sugar at a friends house because it’s just one day. I think that all parents are basically looking out of the well-being of their children and their friends children so just give a little leeway.

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