Baby Must Haves From A Mama of 3

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As a mama of 3 I have seen & used many baby products! I get asked all the time some of my favorite things so I thought this would be the easiest way to share with all of you!!

I remember being a first time mama and being SO overwhelmed when I started registering and looking at how expensive everything can be! You only want the best for that sweet little baby your are carrying so I’m gonna try my best to make it less stressful! I will also share some things that I didn’t personally use because they weren’t out when I had babies but I’ve heard great things about all of these products!!

CARSEATS: All three of my babies have used the Orbit Travel system. I have just recently heard they will be discontinuing manufacturing but you can still get the products as of now! It’s not a safety issue but I believe they were bought out! I would still recommend them highly, but included a few new ones that I’ve heard great things about! The 4MOMS self installing base….amazing! When we switch to toddler car seats around 11-12 months (still rear facing) we love the Britax Boulevard Clicktight, the install is super tight every time and that makes my mama heart skip a beat because it’s so easy!

STROLLERS: We also had the Orbit stroller as a single, but for our double we use the City Select! My sister passed hers down to us so we used it! I love all the ways you can arrange the seats but I don’t love that you have to take off a seat to fold it! We used the City Mini at Disney World last year and I loved it too!

CRIB: I suggest getting a crib that is transitional so you can convert it to a toddler bed/full size when you are ready! We actually used the same crib for Greleigh & Kaige and then bought Huxx a new one because the first crib had seen better days! I paid $90 for Huxx’s and it’s just as functional as the expensive one we bought our first baby! So there is money to be saved I think 🙂 We also used mesh crib bumpers, but remember to each his own!

MATRESSES: Yup, bought this at Walmart! We had amazingggggg sleepers from little bitty so I think getting an expensive mattress is somewhat silly! They are babies….just make sure it’s a nice firm mattress!

MONITORS: Our first monitor was the Angelcare Motion/Video monitor and we loved it! However we got lots of false alarms when she learned to roll so we then upgraded to the Owlet Smart Sock and I’m obsessed. It’s a oxygen/heartrate monitor! Purchase here! Then for our video monitor we switched to the Summer Infant dual videos monitor! We can add up to 4 cameras, talk to the kids through the parent unit, has great picture quality, shows temperatures in the rooms & scans between the rooms every 7 seconds! Highly recommend!

BREASTPUMP/BOTTLES/BOOB THINGS: Hands down, the Spectra S1 or S2! Like seriously, I have breastfed exclusively for 3 babies, over a year each and this pump is amazing! I have used Medela, Ameda….you name it, I’ve tried it! S P E C T R A….the S1 has a rechargeable battery so it’s very mobile! You can pump & walk around without being tied to the cord! #gamechanger Purchase here or use your insurance to get a pump!  Bottles are a hit or miss for every child I think but my suggestions are The Kiinde, bOob, and Lansinoh!

CARRIERS: My favorite carrier by far is the Lillé baby. Coming in second is the Ergo baby! I am not a wrap kind of girl I want ease and sometimes the wraps took me too long! I mean if your good at them then by all means get one, they can be fantastic just not for me!

HIGHCHAIRS: We are currently using the clip on high chair just to save room but I’ve had my eye on the 4Moms magnetic high chair since they came out! They look so convenient and easy to clean! Another favorite is the Boon, super sleek & so functional! We actually bought Greleigh’s first highchair at a consignment event and it was in perfect condition…one tip, stay away from fabric covers!

CLOTHES/SWADDLE SACKS/BLANKETS: We are Kickee Pants obsessed! If you want the softest, most adorable little outfits or swaddle blankets then I can’t recommend them enough! We also do lots of etsy & instagram shopping! Annnnnd Target’s new Cat & Jack line is to dieeee! Sleep time we use the Nested Bean or the Woombie!

PLAY/LOUNGE TIME: I didn’t get the DockATot with any of my kids because it was just coming out when I had Huxx but I’ve heard amazing things! Especially for anyone that travels, it’s a safe place for baby to lay, lounge, sleep etc! All of my babies hated the Mamaroo…like hated it so if you have one you can try out before you purchase I highly suggest doing that! I love the look of them but mine all preferred the traditional swing and would nap for hoursssss in that thing! #allthepraisehands

TEETHING: We are amber teething necklace/anklet people! I love them and have included a few of our favorites to help with the teething days!!

MISC ITEMS: This is just full of random items that we use and love! Pacis, diapers, diaper pails, white noise machines, gadgets…

Hope this gave all of you some insight and ideas! If I left anything out please let me know and I’ll do my best to get it added in! This is such a fun time, please enjoy it & don’t stress! To be honest all you need is love, your mama instinct, milk, diapers and Jesus! Be blessed mama!

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