Baby must haves…

Hey guys! I have some free time today so I thought it’d be fun to do a must haves blog!! These are all. Things that we couldn’t live without!! I have had this post drafted forevvvver!!

1. Nose Frida
This little contraption to suck snot out of baby girls nose was by far my favorite find!! It blows the bulb aspiration out of the water! Get it here!

2. Soothies
These paci’s are the ones they use in the hospital and Gre sure became a creature of habit because she only likes these little guys! They are sold a lot of places but I found this place for both paci’s and the clips!! Suckies here!

3. Swaddle
The swaddle velcro blanket got us through the first 3 months, Gre could wiggle out of any swaddle and still managed to work her way out of this thing but it helped her sleep tremendously when she still had a terrible startle reflex!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Sleep sanity sold here! 

4. Activity Mat
This play mat sure did buy me some mommy time, she loved to spend lots of time under here and actually still does but now that she is rolling she is off of it in no time!! I highly recommend it and it’s reasonably priced!!! Oh amd it folds up very quickly with the turn of a knob….best part!! Get it here! 

5. Orbit travel system
Okay so I might have lied when I said the frida was my favorite find…this travel system is by far the best thing baby I have purchased!! It is pretty pricey but in mine and my husbands opinion, totally worth it!!! It’s so easy and really makes the hassle of loading and unloading way less daunting! I definitely give this thing 5 stars!! Best purchase ever!!


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