Bath Time with Boon

Bath time around here is all fun & giggles. All of my babies have loved bath time and for that I am so thankful! I sometimes use bath time for a break from the usual and to break up the day! I can always count on bath time to take a cranky babe to a happy babe no matter what time it is! Boon has definitely been around through all of our baby days and they are now making bath time around here even more fun!


My kids love getting new bath toys, it’s like they have never played in the bath when we get new stuff! They will stay in there for hoursssss just giggling and playing! I love it because it makes my mama heart swell to hear them so happy plus there might not be anything cuter than wrinkly little baby fingers & toes! I.just.cant.even.image

The products we received were the Boon Soak 3-1 tub that can transition from newborn to toddler by the simple adjustment of the “bump” seat. It fits in most double sinks and has a color changing temperature drain to gauge ideal water temp! How neat right? We positioned our tub on the Boon Ripple bath mat so all of my babes could enjoy bath time with Huxx without me worrying about one of the slipping on him! It grips to the bottom of the tub and has an integrated hook for quick hanging once you are finished to help it dry out faster!


The Boon Pipes &  Water Cogs were a huge hit with all of my babes. They suction to the wall and have different ways that water travels through them to create a super fun chain of water!  We used the Boon Fleet Stacking Boats to pour the water into each pipe and cog water gear! Plus Huxx had the time of his life banging them together to make the loudest noises ever! And now for my favorite, the Boon Frog Pod bath toy scoop! I can literally just scoop all of their toys into this little guy and the water from each toy drains out and then I just attach him back to his feet! Plus it comes with adhesive strips to attach to the wall! This little gem will elp you get your bath back, because lets be honest…my huge jacuzzi tub that I couldn’t wait to have has more or less turned into the kids oasis! So I definitely needed something to help me get alllll  the toys out when I need that immediate bubble bath!  All of these products are available to purchase at Babies R’ Us so be on the look out!


Do any of you have these products? Which is your favorite? Are you like me and love everything Boon has ever made? Let me know which ones you can’t wait to get your hands on!!

Huge thank you to Boon for making today’s post possible! These items were received for review purposes however all content, opinions and images are that of my own! 



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