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Shout out to Boon for today’s sponsored post, this post may contain affiliate links and/or products sent for review purposes. All opinions/pictures are that of my own!
Sippy cups…I don’t know about y’all but we have a love hate relationship around here! It’s like a can’t live with ’em can’t live without ’em kinda thing! You’ve got the ones that leak, the ones that you can’t get totally clean, the ones with allll the pieces, the ones that NEVER have the right lid…the list of sippy cup struggles can go on & on!!
Well let me show y’all Boon’s newest creation in the sippy cup world and let me tell y’all…this is a Game.Changer!


Gone are the days of looking for the right lid, having to always pack a sippy for a restaurant and leaky, hard to clean lids. The Boon SNUG fits practically any cup, you just stretch it over and it creates the perfect seal around the cup. How cool right? Cheers to that #sippystyle!

I love them because they are super easy to throw in the diaper bag and have just in case you’re out somewhere, forget a sippy and the restaurant tells you “oh we don’t have kid cups/lids” No problem now, just grab the SNUG and you’re set!

My kids both love (despite Kaige’s mean mug face above haha ) the Boon SNUG lids because they are made of silicon, super soft and stretchy so they also chew on them which they love! The packaging came with 3 SNUG spouts and a cup! They have been tossed and thrown and we haven’t had a single leak! (Allllll the praise hands) You can also just turn the spout inside out for easy cleaning and there aren’t any crevices you can’t reach which makes my mama heart happy because sometimes sippy lids just make me blehhhhh!!

You can purchase them here at Target!! I really think you will love them!
Here they are just slipped on to other sippy cups and they work perfect! We have always loved everything Boon & now we can just add the SNUG spouts to our list!
Have you tried these? What is your favorite Boon product?


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