So recently I had the privilege of teaming up with BUMPstyle Box and let me just start off by saying I am OBSESSED!!

Have you heard of BSB? If not, let me just give you a little run down of the company and what they’re about! Well I was under the impression that they were just for  clients who were pregnant, but thats not true, they also offer a post partum/nursing selection which is amazing! BUMPstyle box is NOT a subscription based box, YOU get to choose when/if you want a box by selecting the date for it to be shipped out…which is a huge selling point to me. So many of these subscriptions I feel take advantage of people getting busy with their lives and forgetting about their monthly box/order! (totally guilty) So by signing up you then fill out a styling profile including price points, choosing things that you like and styles that best suit your personality! I actually had lots of fun doing this part, the questions are very simple and it only takes a few minutes! Then you will be contacted by a personal stylist who will ask you any questions or clear up some of you style profile! They even go as far as looking at your social media platforms to see your style inspiration and such, how cool right? So once you and your personal stylist have talked she will then begin the process of putting your box together. I seriously couldn’t wait for mine to arrive to see what was inside!

You will get a notification that your box is on its way…then you just wait patiently impatiently for it to arrive! Once it is shipped to you, you will be charged a $30 styling fee that will be waived if you keep items totaling $150+ from your box! But if you decide to send the box back and not keep any items from your box then you only get charged the styling fee of $30, but truthfully I don’t see how there won’t be $150 worth of love in your box! I wanted EVERYTHING!  Upon opening the box you will find a beautifully wrapped selection of clothing with a hand written note from your stylist with tips/ideas on how to style your outfits! You have 3 days to try on everything in the comfort of your own home, without having that annoying sales lady checking in on you 100 times asking if everything is working out…I know they mean well, but blehhh!! πŸ™‚ So now you pick your favorites and pack up the rest (or not πŸ˜‰ ) in the box provided with the prepaid label and return to your UPS location, its that simple y’all! You will only be charged for the items you keep and everything in the box has the prices marked!

I literally wanted EVERYTHING in my box as I said earlier but with it being close to Christmas I only allowed myself to keep 2 things and I can’t wait to show y’all!

This GLAM brand kimono is beautiful! 

This cardigan can be worn open or draped around your neck for a fancier feel!

I have gotten so many compliments on my items and am so impressed with the quality and professionalism of the company. My stylist was Hannah and she was an absolute dream to work with, so helpful and always responded in a timely manner to any of my requests! So how many of you are ready to try BUMPstyle Box?? You can sign up right here!  I highly recommend it and will continue using them through my final (que the tears) months of a nursing babe! πŸ˜‰


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