Can I get a Joanna please?!

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Does anyone else out there secretly wanna be besties with Joanna Gaines?! Or maybe even BE her?! Okay good, me too!! How amazing is everything that she does?! I mean seriously! I’ve been trying to channel my inner her, which is wayyyyyy wayyyy wayyy deep down which means decorating is HARD for me! As most all of you know, we are MOVING! Currently in a 11 day holding bin at my moms house! haha Our house is finished but it’s in the Spring Tour of Homes so we can’t move in until the 9th! While the waiting is torturous because we are SO excited, its been fun for my kiddos & I to get to live with Gram Gram and for my husband and I to have some down time between the moves! We have everything currently in storage or spread over family member’s house….to say its a mess is an understatement, but as you read in my blog blurb I make it through life “one hot mess at a time” and I truly mean that!

So being at my mom’s I have several days to do some shopping and decorating in my head for the new house! So I thought I would share some of my current finds and things I’ll be ordering! First is this cart…I mean….I can just picture a cute little setup with this beauty! But first, coffee…can I get an amen?! Now in our new house we have a little wet bar type area that I love & I’ve gotta start liking wine more because we have built in wine shelves & a wine fridge (bummer right?), so tell me your favorites so I can put them in this!! Barstools are something I’ve never had to buy and when I decided to go for “glam farmhouse/industrial” I knew I had to have these! I love the look of galvanized steel and metal top things so when I found this I might have did a little dance!! Plus these add the perfect flare for the “glam” aspect of the design and this will look perfect as a centerpiece with some fresh flowers or succulents or maybe even this? Now on to the entryway, I really want to make this piece stand out, what do you think about it? I have sooo many things that I want to put on it, this little guy being one of them, OH and this with some of those cute decorative balls or spikes, like these here!!

We also have a little office space off of the laundry room and I want to hang this little thing in there to keep all of our mail and important paperwork! Its so cute huh? Anyone else a sucker for industrial shelving units like me?? Well then you need to look here! Such a good deal! I want two of them to put on our big empty wall in the living room! Since I mentioned the living room, can we PLEASE talk about rugs and whyyyy they are SOO expensive?? I want one similar to this, or the famous one that I’m sure all of you have seen floating around Pinterest!! It just looks so soft and I’m all about something comfy since we have plank wood floors!

One of my favorite parts about our new house is the big decorative iron door and I’m a sucker for everything that says “hello” so I figured I needed this in my life! And these little babies will be going in Greleigh’s room along with this and that’s all I’m sharing of her room until I get it all finished!! So do you have any ideas for our house? Any of you small shop readers have something you make that would look great in our space? Shoot me an email and also make sure you are following along with my blog group on Facebook to be connected with thousands of ladies who are an unbelievable community of women who are just trying to all get through life by the saving grace of aTarget trip alone! 🙂 Come join us!

Here are some more favorites that I just haven’t put thought in to what I would do with them but I sure love them all! #swoon Check out these prices though..those are my kind of home finds!! (minus a few splurge pieces) Anndddd if you are a #superdecorator add me on Pinterest and I’ll make you a pinned for my house board!! All these images are shoppable! 😉



  1. So much goodness right here! Love the style! rugs are ridiculously expensive. Ugh. And when kids and pets and entertaining they are so hard to keep looking good !
    Love the industrial shelving too. I was at IKEA yesterday ( so not my style but I like to mix their industrial stuff with our farmhouse industrial style) and they have galvanized metal shelves for 14.99 !!!! ???????????? I can’t wait to see photos of your new place! How exciting! ????

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