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4 Things I’ve Learned Through Motherhood

Motherhood comes with all sorts of trials, errors, victories, tears and love, lots and lots of love! I have been a proud member of "motherhood" for almost 5.5 years and boy have I learned many things! Things I thought I would never do, I've done, things I knew I would do as a mom, I don't and actually it's what makes motherhood such an exciting journey! You never know the situations you will be put it, the things your kids will do/say or even how you will react to said situations! I want to share with you  a few things I've learned that have really helped this journey go as smooth as possible!

3 Reasons You NEED Girl’s Night

Girl’s nights, they are a must around here…like I NEED them regularly! It’s so nice to have girl talk, drink wine and just chit chat about things that, lets be honest, our men don’t care about! The last girl’s night I had was with a group of precious local bloggers and it was a blast! Not only are the girls super sweet but they all run amazing blogs and sometimes you just need other bloggers to talk hashtags, collabs and how much work it really is, because these girls get it! read more

Spring Essentials for Kids

Spring time fun can seriously be some of my favorite days! It’s got potential (when it’s not blowing 400 mph) to be gorgeous outside, not too hot and everything is just so full of crisp life and a new outlook! At least that’s how we feel! After winter is over I am literally looking for any excuse to be outside with my kids! We are all better people when were outside enjoying the nice air!

My Daughter, My Love

I love having a daughter. I love looking at her tiny little body and immediately seeing myself as a little girl. I love her motherly instincts. I love that she takes care of everything in her life with such a passion and true love. I love that she doesn’t waiver in her beliefs or thoughts (even though this causes about 99.9% of our arguments) I love that she is unaffected by people & kids around her and that she does what makes HER happy.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is right around the corner y’all! I can’t believe it! We are coming up on our year anniversary of moving towns and Mother’s Day was the first holiday we celebrated in our new home! Last year my hubby surprised me with a Louis Vuitton that I had been drooling over for literally years!! I was so pumped and I still love it dearly! They really are such versatile, high quality bags! 

6 Tips For Getting Your Kids To Eat

Getting your kids to eat can seriously be one of the most taxing things about parenthood! I mean, nothing is more frustrating to me than making my kids something that I just know they will love to only have them say “eh I don’t like that” or “those look gross” I mean, it’s one of the most dreaded times around several households! Meal time can be stressful, exhausting and sometimes just a nightmare. I mean sometimes I’m worried about getting all the veggies in and eating fresh produce and then sometimes I’m like just eat allllll the nuggets from McDonalds you want, if you little crazies will just EAT!  Over the years I’ve learned that they really will eat when they are hungry, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t stressed out over the fact that all Huxx wants to eat is cheese!! So I thought I would share tips/tricks that have helped me in the trenches of picky children who don’t want to eat & drive their mama crazy at mealtime! read more

Slow Down Mama

Slow down mama, yes you…the mom who keeps telling your children to “hurry up”, who keeps counting to 10 in hopes that it makes them clean up their mess faster, the mom who has said hold on 723 times to that tiny hand pulling on your shirt! Breathe, mama. It’s okay to slow down. It’s okay to take time to breathe them in, the giggles, the silly jokes, the mess, the dirt, the chaos…slow down and soak that in because the moments are fleeting!

Living Heart Healthy With Kids

Welch's 100% grape juice

Did you know that February is American Heart Month? In a world with so many health issues and problems I really try to focus on finding my family things that help promote a healthy lifestyle while still bringing fun & great tasting things to the table! I really want my children to realize the importance of good foods, the right color food choices and what each of them adds to their well being, as well as the importance of keeping an active lifestyle!