Christmas Movies + Day 12 of Blogmas

Christmas movies, I wish I could watch them all year round! However, I am one of those people who can not watch Christmas movies if it’s not close to Christmas. I get super sad that it’s not Christmas time and in the end it just makes me very bummed out so I steer clear. But when it’s finally November I bust out all of the movies I can & will watch them on repeat! We do movie nights with the kids where we make a huge comfy pallet on the floor, make a fire, eats ridiculous amounts of popcorn & candy and just have some great quality time together! It’s moments like those that I hope they remember forever! Some of my all time favorite Christmas movies that I may or may not have watched 12819 times each!

Jingle All The Way

The Grinch

The Santa Claus (All of them,but I definitely like the original the best)

I’ll Be Home For Christmas

Home Alone


Christmas With The Kranks

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

What are some of your favorite Christmas movies? Do you have a movie night tradition with your kids?

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