Christmas Traditions + “Bonus” Day of Blogmas

Merry Christmas Everyone! I wrote this post a week ago so I am enjoying the day with my family but I wanted to share a few family Christmas traditions with all of you that have carried over for years! Since I was a little girl so many of these shaped the way we looked at Christmas and how we made it special all while keeping Jesus the center of our day! I hope all of you make traditions and keep them going every year! Here are just a few we did growing up that I have continued with my own children!

Christmas Light Ride Along

We go every year to look at lights! We crank up the Christmas music, drink hot chocolate or coffee, and just have a great time!

Salvation Army Angel Tree

We give back by helping those less fortunate!

Cookies for Santa 

We make homemade sugar cookies each year. They look like a mess but boy are they made with love!

Reindeer Food

This kindergarten teacher’s daughter is spoiled because Gram Gram makes this with her class and brings us the extra!

Letters to/from Santa

We can’t forget to write him so he will write us one in return!

Talking about Jesus’ Birthday

We always make sure Jesus is the main focus of our celebration!

Matching Christmas PJs

This is a must for us every year!

Opening A Present on Christmas Eve

This is usually where the PJs come in but this year I think it’s going to be a movie and someone else because we have already been wearing out PJs for 3 weeks! ha!

Christmas Morning Breakfast

We get up pretty early on a normal basis so Christmas day is super early! We let the kids do their presents and then we cook a nice big breakfast while they play!

Pictures With Santa

I love looking back at each Santa picture. It’s so funny to see how much hate can turn to love in one short year!

Christmas Service at Church

Such a special time where you can spend quality time celebrating the birth of our Savior!


We watch the Christmas parade on tv and try to go to local ones! The kids love them but now that we went to Disney last year nothing will ever live up to those Christmas parades!

 I have enjoyed hosting our “12 days of Blogmas” & hope those of you who won the giveaways are super excited about your prizes!

Now who will be the lucky winner of our BIG GIVEAWAY!!​





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