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Breastfeeding is something I feel super fortunate to be able to do & have successfully breastfed each baby for a year + and plan to do the same with Huxx! Now don’t get me wrong, breastfeeding is tough, there were days, shoot who am I kidding, weeks that I struggled! Especially with nursing in public, it’s something I always wanted to do but felt like a total mess trying to do so…I’ve had several covers over the years and they all fell short of my expectations! I wanted something that I felt totally comfortable feeding my baby and I hadn’t found that until I discovered Covered Goods!!

(how cute are these nursing feet?!?) 
Not only is this an amazing nursing cover, it’s a multifunctional staple that should be in EVERY diaper bag! You can use it for a car seat cover, swing cover, shopping cart cover or even a fashionable infinity scarf!! 
These covers keep you from being exposed from any direction, they cover a complete 360 degrees, easy to put on and take off, SUPER stretchy and soft and have a wide neck area to allow for easy “what are you doing in there” checks! Lol I will never own any other cover because this one is my lifesaver!! I can now confidently nurse in public which I do pretty often, especially during this busy holiday season when we are going to dinner parties or just out & about and little man decides he’s ‘hangry’!! Oh! And speaking of holiday season they are having a holiday sale until tomorrow!! Use the code “coveredholiday” to get 20% off!! Woo hoo! Now go buy you one and always remember to “cover those goods” with Covered Goods!! ๐Ÿ˜‰
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