A Fun New Way to Display Your Favorite Pictures

Pictures are one thing this mama doesn’t lack, but one thing I do lack is actually printing them out or placing them around my house! I don’t know what it is about getting them actually in my hands but I have thousands of pictures that need somewhere to go! Well now that I found Liquid Glass Decal, I might have a new magnet obsession! ha!

It’s constantly a debate in my mind if I want a chic, clean line looking refrigerator or if I want it covered in random magnets that hold sweet pictures and precious paper drawings! Usually the clean look wins because I get anxiety looking at bent pictures, torn papers, and random magnets that don’t look good together! Until now….y’all these custom magnets are just what you need! They are simple, chic and you can cover your refrigerator with high quality pictures of your babies & family! Its so simple, email them a high quality photo (these are all ones I took with my phone by the way) and boom, precious magnets sent straight to your door! They can do any picture you want and it’s only $4.95! They are super thin, don’t look bulky on things and my kids love rearranging them all over the refrigerator! I am in love with them and can’t wait to order more! I mean how cute do these look?!

Liquid Glass Decals also offers mailbox decals, name & monogram decals and can even do business logos, church organization or team photos! The options are pretty limitless! Jason was so great to work with and I can’t say enough about the quality and craftsman ship behind these magnets & decals! Liquid Glass Decal currently operates on a shipping time of 2-4 days once the order is placed so these would make great last minute gifts for parents, teachers, or grandparents!

Now its time for the good news, Jason at Liquid Glass is now offering Everyday with Bay readers/followers a coupon code for 50% off, so use “everydaywithbay50” at checkout and we will be having a giveaway as well later today so be on the lookout for that and make sure you are following along on my Instagram!

Do you have a clean simple refrigerator or is it covered in precious memories and pictures? I feel like this is the best of both worlds! What is your favorite way to make your self accountable for actually printing out pictures?

 Thank you to Liquid Glass Decal for sponsoring today’s post. The items featured were sent to Everyday with Bay for review purposes. All content, opinions and images are that of my own.

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