Easy Fall Trends for Everyone

Y’all, I am all about easy! Easy life = happy mom! One thing I simply don’t have time for is over the top outfits on a daily basis! Give me all the fall trends that are easy, comfortable AND fashionable for this mom on the go!

JEANS: hallelujah, amen! It’s jean season, this means no more worrying if my legs are tan!! I can finally not freak out if I didn’t shave for a few days…I know I know, all you moms/ladies are screaming yessssss! (And your husbands are probably screaming nooooo) Plus there are so many cute jeans out there for every body type! I love all skinny jeans and have a special place in my heart for distressed ones!



BOOTIES/BOOTS: All the praise hands!! There is nothing more exciting than putting away all my sandals &I getting out my booties/boots! It seriously makes me SO happy!! Plus no more pedicures….I mean I still get one every now & then but you don’t have to worry about it near as much!!

HATS: This was my first time wearing a floppy fall hat and I have to say…I actually loved it! And so did my husband! It’s so nice to put on a hat and just go without worrying about my hair that needed to be washed! #obsessed  #dryshampooforlife



TEES: This isn’t necessarily just a fall trend but it is a trend that I am so glad is sticking around!! You seriously can’t beat a cute, comfy tee & now everyone is dressing them up with a plaid over shirt and some booties for the perfect fall look! It’s a fav for sure!




PLAID: Oh, give me all the plaid! Like now! It’s doesn’t even seem like fall until I get my hands on some plaid!! This shirt is just a go-to on the cold in the mornings, but hot by afternoon because I can simply tie it around my waist & go!

img_1108 img_1097  img_1048


OVERSIZED EVERYTHING: So one of my favorite things about this time of year is that oversized is better! Haha! I love having loose clothes and it just seems so much cuter in the fall/winter! Gimme all the oversized sweaters, tunics, scarfs….


Fall fashion is so fun & can be so easy!! Grab you a few of these staple items and you’ll be feeling fall vibes in no time….well when Texas decides to not be 85 in October! (Ugh)

JEANS c/o The Dandy Lion // TEE c/o The Dandy Lion // CROSSBODY c/o The Dandy Lion

TUNIC c/o The Dandy Lion // Earrings c/o The Dandy Lion

Photography by: Shine by Monica

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