Apple-Blueberry Yogurt Swirl

Huxx is very into exploring new foods, textures and I’m trying everything I can to make sure he is getting great nutritious foods! I decided to “swirl” two of his favorite things together to create this great textured puree. Anyone have a yogurt monster like me?! By mixing strawberry yogurt and this super delicious Gerber 3rd Food with Lil’ Bits in apple-blueberry I created a yogurt swirl that is helping Huxx learn to chew more as we start our journey to solid foods only! (insert crying mom sounds here as I wean my last baby)

This is super simple to make and only requires mixing the yogurt and the textured puree! The Lil Bits provide that bit of texture as you start transitioning to solid food while still making it easy for your baby to chew & swallow!

Apple-Blueberry Yogurt Swirl

Yogurt of Choice

Gerber 3rd Foods Apple-Blueberry with Lil’ Bits purée

-Mix together & serve

As you can tell Huxx absolutely loves this recipe and takes it upon himself to shovel this in his mouth over & over! It’s so nice when you find something that your baby will easily eat and not fight you on every bite!

img_0332 img_0369-1 img_0334 img_0335

We love Gerber products and we can now just add these to the list! There are about 15-20 flavors so you are sure to find one your babe loves!

This one & this one are also Huxx’s favorites! And I will be heading back to the store to pick up this & what child wouldn’t like this one!

Have you tried Gerber 3rd Foods with Lil’ bits with your crawler (<–great info linked here)? Which one is their favorite? Always remember to check with your pediatrician when starting solids of any kind!

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