3 Ways to Transition Into Toddlerhood

So you all know, we’ve crossed over! Crossed over the “baby” line and my baby is now considered a toddler! Now that he’s a toddler it seems like he’s all the sudden bigger, hungrier (Thanks Gerber) and sweeter more ornery! img_0967-1

I try to make transitions into different stages as easy on myself as I can! I find something he loves or loves doing and we go with it! So today I want to share with you how we are crossing over into toddler hood and making things work!

1. Healthy Food

Now that he is breastfeeding less each day I am trying to find different ways to incorporate all of the vitamins & nutrition that he still needs into the foods he’s eating! If you read our post about Gerber Lil’ Bits then it won’t surprise you that we are loving all things GERBER! We have been using GERBER CEREALS in the whole wheat variety  mixed with a fruit pureè in the mornings for breakfast and little man is loving it! He is so much happier feeding himself, so I warn you, this can get messy but hey…whatever keeps him happy right?! I want him to grow big & strong and I know with GERBER providing great sources of Iron, Calcium, Vit C and exposing him to different grains that help with his fiber intake we are on track which makes me worry less about his nutrition! We always grab ours at our local Walmart!

2. Getting Outside

We are loving this fall weather and currently spend tons of time outside. It is so nice venturing into toddlerhood where they are beginning to understand what you are saying and how to comprehend things. I let huxx do wayyyyyy more exploring than I did my other kids! He’s in the dirt, the grass, the dog water…I just let him be an explorer and its magical to watch as he discovers the world around him! It really is my saving grace, we love it out there!!

3. Setting Boundaries

Huxx is a third child, so he sees a lot!! He is “invited” by his brother & sister to partake in things that are not always suitable for a one year old. So to help us all stay safe (and me sane) I have been having to set boundaries with all of my kiddos! When I just had one baby, the house was baby proofed and it stayed that way…with two it got a little more difficult and with three….holy goodness, its hard! I have to stay on top of everyone all day long! “No, you’re toddler-ish babyish brother can not play piggy bank with you” (gasps as I think of the possibility there)…”who undid the latch on the cabinet?” It seriously goes on and on so this transition isn’t just hard on me or Huxx, it’s the entire family!!

Toddlerhood is such a fun time though! So many new things, foods, and experiences! I’m thankful for all the things making our life easier while we all transition!

How about you? What changed once y’all crossed over into toddlerhood? Did your little one eat GERBER CEREALS? Did they love outside exploring? Did they give you an even bigger run for your money?



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