Halo Sleep Sack

Halo sleep sack to the rescue because gone are the days of my little man sleeping in the same room with us! If you’re wondering I most definitely teared up the first night taking him to the crib as he is my last baby but I also thrive on time and space for just me and my husband! I love the freedom to talk and watch movies and heck even sneeze as loud as I want without living in fear of waking him up!

halo sleep sack
He has been napping in his crib for quite awhile but we just hadn’t transitioned to night because our house is 2 story and he still isn’t sleeping all night but with only one wake up now on a regular night I felt it was time! He has done great and has continued to only wake once to eat and right back to sleep! Thank you Jesus!
Look at this little guy…don’t you just want to eat him up?! Okay okay me too!!!!


halo sleep sack


I have used sleep sacks with all of my children and our favorite is the Halo Sleep Sack (look HERE at their products) , it’s lightweight, zips up and provides enough warmth that I don’t worry about any lose blankets! I feed him, lay him on his back sleepy and the rest is sleepy dust!! But I usually find him rolled to his belly by morning! 😉 all of my kiddos become belly sleepers like their mama!
halo sleep sack
How do your babes sleep? Sleep sack? Swaddled? Let me hear it!! And if you want one of your own purchase HERE!!

Also make sure you are following along with HALO on all of their platforms to stay in the loop with the most current products and information …on FACEBOOKINSTAGRAM, & TWITTER!!


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