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Hard days…boy can little people really getcha down even when they aren’t trying to! I wanna be real with y’all for a bit. I’ve had a few hard days. I’ve been a temporary single mama. I’m struggling. My hubby has been out of town for going on 3 days tomorrow and I’m spent. 3 little people and only one of me…you get the picture. There isn’t enough of me or my hands or my energy to go around. We’ve done breakfast x3, potty breaks, blowouts, school runs, park time, lunch, nap time put downs x3, too much iPad time….It hasn’t been easy but it did shine some light into my heart! ย So because of my struggles, tonight I am extremely thankful. Thankful for my little love muffins who exhaust me mentally, physically & emotionally and even more thankful for my husband who is seriously under appreciated! I’ve always known I was truly blessed by him but it’s when he’s gone for a few days I see now more than ever how much I count on him to make my days better, shorter & more fun! He is there with me when it’s finally bedtime and we stare at all of our babes on the monitor and talk about how cute they all are and when he’s not here…I’m just not complete. There it is. I need him. My kids need him. We might have all had a few meltdowns while daddy has been away. The phone calls turn into tears because they don’t understand why he isn’t home. FaceTime isn’t cutting it…and Greleigh’s biggest fear is that he is riding all of the roller coasters in Dallas without her! lol It hasn’t been pretty or easy but it has opened my eyes even more to all the amazing things he does for us. So picture this (I am not proud of this haha)…tonight I fed my kids “beefaroni” from a can, burned the toast and my older two ate an entire bag of sour patch kids in the bath because #realtalk! So for now, while it’s quiet I am going to leave you with some pretty fashion pictures to remind myself that I can feel/look human, I can put on real clothes & makeup because the last few days have drained me! HA! I’m gonna pretend tomorrow is gonna be a piece of cake….and go enjoy my cookies that I just baked! #thankyoujesusforcookies

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How adorable is this flowy tunic? The choker neckline is just to die for and the color is stunning!

Tunic c/o : Leggings : Hat : Shoes

You may have seen this jacket on my insta, but it is seriously life changing! #socomfy

Jacket c/o : Jeans : Shoes

SheInside is a clothing company that provides adorable clothing at affordable prices! If you are like me I’m sure you have seen their ads on Facebook, Google, and other places around the internet! I immediately was drawn to their prices because lets be real, this mama doesn’t have $100 to drop on a top! #notevenclose I was so excited when I received these two tops in the mail and was blown away by their quality for the price that I couldn’t wait to place a full order! I’m linking everything that came home with me + a few favorites that I haven’t purchased just yet!

Hope you enjoy & let me know whatcha buy!

Thank you to SheInside for sending over these items! All thoughts, opinions, & images are that of my own! Please refer to size guide on their website as their sizing is different!ย 

Pictures c/o Kingdom Come Photography



  1. I love that tunic! It is so pretty and I love that it came in one of my favorite colors – red! I love how you paired it with those leggings and boots. I will have to check SheInside and probably purchase from them too.

  2. I have yet to experience being a single mother, but never know if that’s going to change or not. I’m so sorry that you are having such bad days.
    You look really good though, that tunic is to die for.

  3. Awww is not that something! I can only imagine this feeling and just reading it I can feel the overwhelm! Yes find some time to relax and rejuvenate!

    Jasmine ๐Ÿ™‚

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