Huxx’s Birth Story + Life Now

Birth story a year later…better late than never right?! 3rd baby problems is a true true statement my friends! Although it’s been a year since our sweet little Huxx completed our family I still remember his “birth”-day so fresh in my mind…I remember how his little warm body felt, the way he smelled, how tiny he was compared to my other babies (their birth stories here & here) & the way he stole our hearts!

I am blessed to say I had 3 of the easiest pregnancies & my labors have been seemingly “easy” as well! I remember seeing my doctor at my 38 week appoint and she told me she would be going out of town September 24th, this immediately made me uncomfortable, I wanted her, I needed her. She knew me, she knew the way my body handled labor and my medical history…You can read Greleigh’s birth story here and how my doctor had to act quick in an unexpected situation. I know there are some of you thinking “oh I would never be induced just to have my doctor” and that is fine, but we knew my body and I felt completely comfortable with doing it again!

So around 2:30 I texted my doctor asking her if we were still on for the induction at midnight and much to my surprise she said…”how soon can you be here?” um….excuse me? (enter freak out mode) I had two sleeping babies, still hadn’t packed my bags fully, hadn’t picked up the house…I had to do a llllll the things and needed more time! She explained her plans had changed and she was leaving Lubbock at 7;30 in the morning and wanted to make sure she was there to deliver my little surprise baby so she wanted to start the process as soon as possible! I talked to my husband, we ran around like crazy, waited for the kids to wake up, frantically called my mom to head to Lubbock and we started on our 1 hour and 20 minute journey to the hospital to meet our babe!

My doctor wasn’t on call obviously because she was leaving town the next day and she also has a daughter that she had no babysitter for, therefore she told me to text her throughout the night and she would make sure she made it to delivery! I mean, she’s the best right? She even brought her daughter to the hospital in the middle of the night just to deliver my little guy! I can’t say enough great things about Dr. Loveless and what she did for me on some of  the most important days of my life!

Okay, so around 5:30 we finally get to the hospital and get all checked in! At this point I’m dilated to a 3 and the waiting begins…Matt, my mom and my sister were all in the room with me. We all talked and laughed and just got more anxious as the time passed! Around 10pm I requested my epidural because they told me they were getting busy and if I wanted to ensure I got one to just go ahead and get it! I was about 5cm at this point, the epidural process was a breeze but it didn’t take that well on my left side, throughout all of my contractions I could still feel everything on my left side! I kept lifting my leg and asking, “are you sure this is normal?” haha they assured me it wasn’t but after we tried several things, flipping, turning, lying flat etc, they just could not get it to take…I wasn’t in pain, but it was just an uncomfortable feeling…Somewhere during this time we called in our birth photographer, Monica Bartels to capture this final birth experience for our family. If you are on the fence about keeping your birth intimate and not wanting someone in your room taking pictures, take my word for it…It was the best decision I could have ever made. She was so present yet so distant! I didn’t even know she was there yet she was everywhere and captured it all beautifully! Can’t ever thank her enough! My only regret is not doing it for all of my babies!


After an hour or so of the epidural being in place, they broke my water and this definitely sped things up. At 12:08 I was dilated to a 7 and beginning to feel more pressure. I could feel my catheter this time around because of my epidural not taking on my left side and that was honestly the worst part. We called anesthesia in again at 12:38 and they gave me a bolus of pain meds which actually helped BUT it made me veryyyyyy loopy, like I began making incoherent statements and saying funny things that my family told me about later on! Shortly after that I began feeling very intense pressure and sure enough it was go time!! We were about to meet our last little surprise gender baby! At 1:04 they began prepping the room, getting things ready, calling the doctor and I was still very out of it! At 1:15 Dr. Loveless showed up, and had me do a test push. She looked at me funny and said “how long ago did they give you pain meds?” lol She could tell I was out of it. I had no focused pushes and that was not like me! Thankfully one of the nurses gave me a blanket to pull on which helped focus my energy and 16 minutes later at 1:31am I finally got the hear my husband say “It’s a boy baby!” Everyone in the room was so excited, we even had nurses who weren’t ours checking in our room because everyone was so anxious to find out the gender! (Seriously if you have any desire to have a surprise gender baby…DO it!)



I was beyond in love! He was perfect, just what I needed and my heart burst with that first tiny cry! I am always amazed at just how easy your mama heart expands when they lay those precious little souls on your chest. How did I ever live without him? Why did I deserve this perfect little baby boy? I still don’t know the answers to these questions and never will! We spent the next hour cuddling & kissing our sweet boy! He weighed 7lb 14oz (My other two were 8lb 10oz & alb 8oz), had dark hair with the most intense cow lick right in the front of his head and was 20″ of pure perfection! Huxx Wylder was the final piece to our family puzzle.

The next morning was the sweetest morning I will ever experience, the look on Greleigh and Kaige’s face when they walked in the room in the arms of their daddy to find out they had a new little brother was one I will never forget. We then laid on the bed as a family of 5 and just fell in love all over again, every single one of us!


3 babies, 3 great labors, an amazing doctor, our families, and my amazing husband who I could have never made it through any of this without! <3 Ahhh…the baby days, such a beautiful season of growing our family and one I will never forget! I watch our birth video wayyyy too often and cry every stinkin’ time. It’s that good y’all!


Friday we celebrated our sweet boy’s first birthday and I am still not sure how to process that! I no longer have a baby…however Huxx is definitely the “baby” of the family. Matt says I baby him a lot more than I did the other two and he might be right! I have had such a hard time excepting that he’s my “last” but I am filled with so much love for my season of “birthing” babies and love my crew so hard!

Read more about my struggles with saying goodbye to the baby days here!



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