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Hey loves!
I am beyond excited to be sharing one of our new favorites, JJ Rabbit! When we teamed up to try some of their feeding line I knew we were in for a treat & now all of you get to hear about it and I will tell you how to enter to possibly win a FREE set of JJ Rabbit cuppies!
     First off, look at these adorable designs & bright beautiful colors! The minute we got all of our goodies Greleigh immediately started asking me questions about her new rabbit plate, cuppies and ergo spoon & fork! She loved the bright colors and couldn’t wait to use them!


The plate is divided for easy dipping or maybe even those picky toddler days of not wanting their food to touch! We all know how that goes, or at least this mama does! They have a piglet and rabbit design, both which are stackable and wash up like a dream! You can also throw them in the dishwasher…can I get an amen?!
The ergo spoon and fork are equipped with a angled handle which make them easy to hold as well as easy to pick up and put down!  The curved tip for easy self feeding and handling by those small hands! The tip of the spoon is also elevated which keeps spills from the table! I can’t complain about that at all, as a mom I’m always looking to cut down on messes!

And now to our personal favorite, the cuppies! These are training cups from transitioning from a zippy cup to a regular cup. They have perfect little handles and then…wait for it, hidden animals at the bottom which totally captures the attention of the child!!! Greleigh immediately drank an entire cup of milk because she wanted to find her hidden animal & quickly asked for a second! It usually takes her forever to finish her drink! We also use the cuppies as little snack holders and it really keeps her attention to finish her snack/drink so she can find her little friend at the bottom!  They have a frog, piglet, penguin & a rabbit! How creative right?!

My favorite part as the mama involved is the safety & standards JJ Rabbit upholds. They are 100% made from plants, 100% safe for kids! They are even biodegradable & completely free of BpA, Phthalate, and PVC.  You can read all about the safety standards and more about the products here.

JJ Rabbit has been such a dream to team up with and I can’t wait for one of my lucky followers to get their hands on a set of these adorable cuppies!! Trust me when I say, you AND your babes are going to love them! You can read more about the company and if you can’t wait for the giveaway and want to purchase right away you can do so here! Please check out my Instagram for all the giveaway details!


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