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First off we are sooo EXCITED to announce that Greleigh has been chosen to be a brand ambassador for Jonas Paul Eyewear! We couldn’t think of a better company to be paired with and can’t wait for our journey to unfold with them! 

From the moment we found out Greleigh had her eye condition of exotropia at just 6 months or so I was always so worried that she would need glasses… every appointment we went to I was so nervous that they were going to make her wear them, but every appointment she checked out great and we went on with life.  This last appointment they dilated her eyes and began the check up and the doctor immediately was calling out numbers and I knew something was different this time.  As the appointment wrapped up he began writing her prescription and my heart literally ached. I didn’t want that for my little girl, I didn’t want her going through what I did as a little girl…
As a little girl and still to this day I have horrible vision, and by horrible I mean I can’t see really anything without my contacts or glasses! I remember the day I was tested for glasses in 1st grade and I was laughed at and made fun of for how little I could see. It was awful, I remember getting glasses and basically hating them from 1st to 5th grade when I finally got contacts and they changed my life! 
All I could picture when getting told Greleigh needed glasses was these horrible kid glasses that she would be made fun of in and I just couldn’t take it…I cried leaving the doctors office and immediately began googling “stylish toddler glasses” and then my dreams came true when I found Jonas Paul Eyewear! I knew right then that THESE were the glasses she had to have, they made me feel totally excited about her wearing glasses and I knew she would love them! I showed them to her and she helped me pick her favorite pair and it was done! They were just fabulous, so stylish and fit my little Greleigh bear just perfect! She now loves her glasses, we get so many compliments on them and I just feel so much better as a mama knowing she feels confident in them! 

Now, let me give you some background info about Jonas Paul and what they’re about & how they work! I just simply can’t say enough great things about this company and how thankful I am for Ben & Laura! 
“Ben and Laura Harrison have given their ingenuity to the mission of equipping their visually impaired son, Jonas, and other children with creative, fashion-forward kids glasses.  Upon searching for suitable children’s eyewear for Jonas, the Harrison’s discovered one missing factor in existing options for children : fashion-forward kids frames at an accessible price point.  Jonas Paul Eyewear exists to provide function and new form to children’s vision. ” -JP WEBSITE
One of the neatest things about JP is their in home try on kit!  You pay a $99 deposit, they send you 6 frames in the small kit and 3 pair if you are ordering the larger size frames. You then have 7 days to try them on and see which frames best suit your child in the comfort of your own home. You then send them back and the $99 is reimbursed and then you go from there by deciding which frame(s) you would like to purchase. They offer prescription lenses or you can buy just the frames and have the lenses put in at the local eye doctor! Oh, and for prescription lenses all you have to do is email them a copy of your child’s prescription from their doctor after you place your order…then in about 2 weeks your glasses will arrive to your doorstep! They also provide expedited shipping if requested! I couldn’t wait to get Greleigh’s so we had to do the expedited shipping option! 🙂 
All of the most common questions about JP can be found here! 
Again, we are so honored to have been asked to join the Jonas Paul team and be on the lookout for a discount code for all of you lovely followers! I am so happy to share these amazing glasses with you and can’t wait to see some of your cuties sporting their new JP glasses! If any of you have any questions please feel free to ask me and I will help any way I can!


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