Kaige's Birth Story

I have been trying to find the time to write down all my memories of my birth story so I don’t forget one little detail…First off for many many weeks I prayed that God would let me experience going into labor naturally and I am so thankful that he answered my prayers! On Sunday January 12th I kissed Matt goodbye for a 4 day business meeting 4 hours away and teased with him that I would try to keep this baby in…little did we know!! Gre and I packed our things and headed to my moms house in Whiteface where we were going to stay until Wednesdy when Matt got home late that night. On Tuesday night I ironically took my last prenatal vitamin in the bottle and told my mom and Matt (on the phone) that they might wanna be prepared because tomorrow was the full moon and you always hear of that throwing people into labor…I am now a true believer!!!  Well on Wednesday morning around 7am I woke up to not only Greleigh crying but some different feeling contractions that seemed to be more consistent than all my BH contractions that I had been having for weeks. I got up to go get her and went ahead and started timing them, I was hopeful but didn’t wanna freak my mom or Matt out so when he called me around 7:45 I told him he might wanna be prepared to leave the meeting a little early …I was somewhat joking but kinda serious at the same time! Haha of course my mom couldn’t believe I hadn’t said anything all morning, and so she hesitantly left for work and Gre and I continued playing and just doing random stuff around the house. I continued to time them and decided to text my dr after about 2 hours of contractions varying from 4-8 minutes apart, they weren’t painful at all just “different”…she immediately responded and told me that it worried her a little since I was already 3cn and 60% effaced so she wanted me to go get checked in triage, we talked and she told me I could just go to Levelland and get checked so I wouldn’t have to drive the entire way in case it was false labor. I immediately called my mom and told her so we could get everything loaded up and head that way, let Matt know that I was going to get checked, thank goodness his meeting was only half day so he was able to leave 2 hrs early and head home. As we pulled into levelland he called saying he just felt I needed to head to lubbock just in case I was further dilated and might not make it to Lubbock to deliver with my Dr. I am so thankful I did. So my mom got back in her car and I was in mine, so I can actually saw I drove myself to the hospital  during active labor! Haha When we got to lubbock I dropped Gre off at my meme’s house and it felt so strange leaving her knowing that it might be the last day she was the only baby in my life, she cried as I left and that might have broke my heart into a thousand pieces!! We got to the hospital around 11:15 and I went back to a room to get checked and in the short time I was hooked up had 2 contractions, so then a dr came in to check me and his exact words were “oh yah, we’re having a baby today!” Instantly I became super anxious that my hubby was AT least 3 hours away and our baby was coming!! So thankful that my mom could be there with me until he was able to get there. I was transferred to LD room 8 and started getting ready to have this sweet mystery gender baby! They had so many labor ing patients and I was their 5th admit in 4 hours so needless to say that moon was really doing it’s job! The dr on call told me that If I wanted an epidural I need to request one right now because it could be hours before they got to me, I wasn’t in any pain at all but I sure didn’t wanna miss out on my epi, so I texted my dr and she told me to listen to him and go ahead, so I did! At this time my sister showed up, who also doubles as my photographer! 😉 she also makes sure I look presentable in pictures because I want those pictures to be special and I don’t wanna be one of those girls who doesn’t wanna look back on every single moment. I have a birth book from Greleigh and it is by far the sweetest gift I could have ever gotten! About 45 minutes later the anesthesiologist came in the room and I was about 6.5cm dilated at this time and my nurse said she fought for me this spot in line because they were about to be tied up in a c-section for awhile and I most likely wouldn’t have gotten one! Whew! So thankful for her! Matt was still about an hour and 1/2 away and my doctor was texting me the entire time asking for updates on where he was! Have I mentioned I have the BEST doctor in the entire world?! Once I had my epidural I was feeling great and just patiently waiting for my hubs to get there! Around 2:45 the love of my life showed up and I can say I have never been more excited to see him! I texted my dr to let her know he was there and she came in to break my water, my contractions weren’t super regular so they started some pitocin to regulate them and once I sat up in bed finally I went from an 8 to complete very quickly, and around 5 pm I did a test push and just like with Gre it was baby time, they set everything up and I started pushing at 5:10…not knowing the gender of this baby made the pushing so much easier and our anticipation was insane!! Everyone including my dr and nurses were all so excited to find out because not many people do that these days!!! After 9 minutes of pushing I opened my eyes and saw and heard Matt telling me “it’s a boy”…it was such a magical moment that I will never forget!! He was laid on my chest and then anxiously everyone was asking what his name was, and we were so excited to finally reveal to everyone the name we had picked for our sweet little boy, Kaige Kye (matts middle name) He laid on my chest and was the calmest little thing, he just looked around and I couldn’t stop kissing him, it was magical! He weighed 8lb 8oz and was 21.5″ long, weighed less than Gre but 1” longer! He then had all the routine things done and I just stared in complete awe of my boys, Matt bathed him and stood by his side during everything. He had this sweet little grunt that was like a little puppy, so they kept checking his o2 sats thinking it might be a respiratory issue but they were all perfect!  My heart was so full and I couldn’t hold back the tears! He breastfed great and had no issues like Greleigh did, which I had also been praying for for many weeks!  We got up to our room, he ate again and then they had the nursery dr check him out because of the grunting but she saw nothing of concern and they said it might just be something he does, but after 24 hrs he wasn’t grunting anymore! The next morning Greleigh came up to meet her baby brother and she was so excited. It was the cutest moment to see her face! She truly loves him and that makes this momma very happy and full of love for her babies! Everyone always tells you that a mothers love for her son is a different feeling and it’s impossible to explain until you have one of your own and I totally believe that…I am already so protective of my sweet boy, I wanna be his only love, his only kiss, the only girl in his life…okay, not really, I want him to find that perfect girl someday but NOT any time soon! I want him to myself for a veryyyyyyy long time!! I am beyond blessed to have had a beautiful pregnancy and I’m so happy that my sweet boy is finally here in my arms! I am not sure that this is our last baby but we pretty much feel that we have the perfect family and couldn’t love our life any more!! God truly knew my hearts desire when he made me a mother and even more so that I get to stay home with them! I am so glad you have all shared in this long 38 week journey with me, it was perfect!! I am blessed! Here are a few pics of labor & the first moments of our baby boy!! 

Patiently waiting for my baby! 

Talking with daddy!! 
Sister meeting her baby brother for the first time!! 

Look at that squishy little face!! 

Going home!!! 

Gre vs. Kaige 



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