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It’s Thursday y’all. This is quickly becoming my favorite day to blog because I love all these mama posts! This one is for all you breastfeeding mamas who just can’t seem to let go yet…it really isn’t the end of the world when you stop breastfeeding! Um yah I’m talking to myself seeing as I still nurse Huxx morning & night! This list of reasons helps me cope with the soon coming weaned days!  Bye Bye ugly bras and hello pump free trips!

10 Reasons I Don’t Miss Breastfeeding
Hi all! I’m Kerry and I’m a wife, mama, and blogger. You can find me at XO Kerry talking about style, motherhood and all the life that happens in between. I love messy hair days, chai lattes and Target (duh!). Thanks for letting me take over for Keepin’ It Real Thursday!

Don’t get me wrong, I had a beautiful breastfeeding journey with my daughter. Sure we had our issues in the beginning (bad latch, thrush, engorgement, she wouldn’t take a bottle) but otherwise it was smooth sailing. I breastfed her for 19.5 months. Like I mentioned she never took to the bottle and I hated pumping so I was her constant source of food. I loved our time together though. I got to know every inch of her face and little hands. I was her comfort, her security, her life. Now it’s over and here’s why I’m okay with it.1. I’m a stomach sleeper and sleeping on tatas full of milk is not comfortable.
2. I can wear dresses again!
3. No more ugly bras with clips.
4. Two words – happy hour.
5. My kid now sleeps through the night. Who knew, I was her pacifier!
6. Sleepovers at Grandma’s.
7. No more pump.
8. I can sleep or hang around the house bra-less. I never felt supported enough when I was nursing.
9. No more camis/layering just to leave the house.
10. Daddy does bedtime now!


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Breastfeeding mamas – what do you love most about it? Or what do you miss now that you’re not doing it? I will say this, I miss the snuggles. She’s a busy toddler now and the snuggle sessions are few and far between!

Thanks for having me Bailey!

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Happy Thursday Loves!


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