Lalabu Soothe Shirt | Review

     So I’m sure you all could have guessed but my days are now jam packed taking care of 3 littles 3 and under…and while I wouldn’t change it for the world because this is EXACTLY what I wanted I can sure use any baby products that make my life easier!!

     To be honest the transition between 2 to 3 hasn’t been that challenging SO FAR, now I’m definitely not saying that might not change but for now we are just living in the chaos and we love it! When I thought about having 3 kids so close in age I knew baby wearing would become a huge part of our life because me and hubs are now outnumbered by little people! haha The Lalabu soothe shirt has been such an amazing product!

      The soothe shirt is made of a super soft material, its wrinkle free & can be worn alone or under things! It’s equipped with a pouch that baby can simply be slipped inside and it immediately calms them! Even my sweet Greleigh said “OH MOM, that’s just like Huxxy is in your belly again” and I think Huxxy man agreed! He slept for about 3 hours in there while I did things around the house and then just snuggled him while watching football with my man! It was totally amazing! OH, and the best part is you can also feed in it because it’s a built in nursing bra, win win!!

     I will be wearing this little gem for many days to come! It is definitely the easiest way to baby wear & feed all in one! No other wrapping or straps…just slip baby in a watch them drift off to dream land and enjoy feeling them so close to your heart, I sure have! Its truly been a favorite around here! You can browse their website here & place your order!! Thank you Lalabu for making this amazing soothe shirt, moms everywhere appreciate it especially this mama who’s hands are full, but my heart is fuller!

*Babes & Beauty is in collaboration with Lalabu to bring you this review of the Soothe Shirt! I received no compensation but items were provided for review. All thoughts/opinions are that of my own! 


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