Letter to Santa + Day 11

Letters to Santa…some of the sweetest memories I have as a child! I remember each year sitting down with my sister to write our letters to Santa. We were very detailed and I always had wayyyy too many things on there, with way too many specifics that now looking back on it I just think, “man my poor mama!” My Santa was the best there was and didn’t ever disappoint! Christmas morning usually resulted in everything from my list being sprawled out all over the living room floor but my absolute all time favorite thing about Christmas morning was the letter from Santa! Talk about the coolest thing ever in my mind! He knew so much about us, every little detail actually, always mentioned my dad and how proud he must have been of his girls…literally I’m not sure one Christmas went by that my sister and I didn’t cry when we read our letter! So thankful that my precious mom kept them all because now we have years & years of these precious Santa letters that are so fun & emotional to go back and read. It may sound silly but those letters were magical, they connected us to such a special place, reminded us of the true meaning of Christmas and were just such an important part of our Christmas morning! We actually still get Santa letters and I still make my sister read them out loud because I can’t do it without bawling! #emotionalmess

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