Life with Greleigh

When everyone told me to enjoy every little moment with my baby girl because they grow up fast I knew what they meant, but NEVER did I realize just how fast they really do change and grow! I look up now and she is almost 3 months old…someone please tell me where my tiny baby went! As I type this I get tears in my eyes, I have been so blessed to get to stay at home and see every little change and new milestone she hits, yet I still feel like its going too fast and I can’t slow it down! I love every part of my sweet angel! She is seriously the easiest baby, she never cries unless she is hungry!! Just like her mommy! :)) these are some of my favorite moments and things she does…her smile, my goodness nothing in the world makes my heart happy as much as seeing her grin at mommy and daddy! She is now pushing up on her arms during tummy time and looking around at everything! She sleeps through the night from about 10:30 to 6, eats and goes back to sleep till around 10:30! See…I told you she was easy! She is soooo close to laughing and daddy and I can’t wait!!! The cooing and babbling is also just adorable! I miss my tiny baby but I also love each new phase and seeing her grow and discover the world! Oh, baby girl loves bath time and riding in the car! She does very well in her bumbo and holds her head up like a champ! At her 2 month appt she weighed 11lb 9oz so I’m guessing she is well over 12 now! She is a spitting image of her daddy & I love to see his face light up when people tell us that!! At almost 3 months she still has the bluest eyes and they keep getting prettier, daddy is in trouble! I have a feeling she won’t want for much in life! I love seeing her with her cousins, Brynli is so sweet to her and Channing is so curious and tries to steal her paci! Jocelyn loves holding her and landyn is just a 13 year old boy…not too impressed! Lol To say she has changed our life would be an understatement! I really don’t know what we did without her! Greleigh you fill our life with so much love and happiness! Can’t wait to continue to watch you grow and learn new thing!!!


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