Monday Must Haves

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Well I don’t know about you but my Monday’s are the slooooooooowest days ever! It’s seriously like our weekend is over in a flash and I’m so confused as to how we already got back to Monday, which means daddy is back to work and I have to find ways to consume our days until he’s home, things that don’t include the following: sweeping, laundry, unpacking…lol so here I am blogging about my “Monday Must Haves” which are some of my favorite things recently! 

At the beginning I said I was consuming our days with things other than boring things like cleaning…well, with my new bestie Braava, how cute is he?! I no longer have to spend time sweeping or mopping my floor! (all the angels singgggg) because this little guy does it for me! We have a rather large dog named Jayde who spends the majority of her time inside which means one thing, d o g h a i r, ughhh! I threatened to kick her outside if I had to sweep multiple times a day again and my husband graciously offered to buy me something to help take this burden off of the and the iRobot Braava Jet was the answer! I can now set him in the floor, and let him do his thing! He can do a dry sweep, damp mop, or wet mop and knows which one to do by the type of pad you put in him, seen here. The damp pads, wet pads, dry pads have little notches that fit into the Braava Jet’s holder and basically its like a code to which setting to use! The wet/damp modes spray water and mix with the cleaning pads to give your floor that squeaky clean feeling! It’s LOVE y’all! Now I’m not saying my floors won’t need a good steam mop/old fashioned mop every now and then but this helps keep them looking good in-between those times when I just don’t have time wanna! haha! OH, and I used a 20% off coupon from BBB! score!!

Secondly, my new glasses from Eye Buy Direct! If you are following me on snap then you have seen them but I’m totally in love! I picked the Nostalgia frames in Charcoal from their RFLKT line which features aspects such as premium lenses, hand shaped/smoothed, anti scratch/glare coating and that’s just to mention a few! You can find out more about the RFLKT line here! They are seriously amazing quality and so cute!! I have already gotten so many compliments on them! Anddddd guess what? Have you been on the lookout for new glasses, well all of you lovely followers can use the code “baileycxebd” for 20% off your entire order!! Woo hoo right?

Next on my Monday loves list is my new adorable swing dress from Luxe vie. 84. I don’t  want to show you the entire dress just yet because I’ll be wearing it this week! This is a super cute boutique ran by my dear friend Analiese, she’s the sweetest! Her online boutique has the highest quality boutique style clothes that don’t break the bank! Can I get an amen?! Finally a place that you can find great, stylish clothes without the buyers remorse of spending so much money!! You can find her on Instagram for all of her updates and sales!! ???????? I will be doing a styled post like I said earlier on my instagram page so make sure you are following along for that! Seriously, can we just talk about the sneak peak of this dress….ah, the small details make this a true gem in my closet! We will also be doing a coupon code or a giveaway in the near future with Luxe Vie. 84 so get excited for that!

And last but certainly not least, THIS stuff is A M A Z I N G! (except I like the peony scent, which is a limited edition, so I may or may not have bought like 5 bottles) I have seen this brand at Target forever now but since I get to shop there on the reg now I thought I might as well try it out and now I’m hooked! I will definitely be picking up this next time I go and probably some of these!

 So now it’s naptime around here and I’m off to take my uninterrupted shower and wash my hair, so I’ll leave you with my last Monday Must Have…this stuff!! 

 What are some of your Monday Must haves? What help you make it through the day? I’d love to hear them! 



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