Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is right around the corner y’all! I can’t believe it! We are coming up on our year anniversary of moving towns and Mother’s Day was the first holiday we celebrated in our new home! Last year my hubby surprised me with a Louis Vuitton that I had been drooling over for literally years!! I was so pumped and I still love it dearly! They really are such versatile, high quality bags! 

Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be filled with gifts by any means but it sure is nice to be spoiled whether that means a bubble bath, a stroll through Target alone or even one of these gifts I’ve picked below! If you have something specific you want tell your husband, sometimes they don’t know things that we want because we try to keep everything centered on everyone else but this is your day! Tell him if you want some alone time, a massage, a family picnic…it doesn’t matter what it is as long as it makes YOU feel special!

Here are a few of my favorite gift ideas whether you are shopping for your mama, or sending this link to your husband…I think it’s a great mix of things anyone would love!

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Who doesn’t love some custom jewelry that has a special meaning or even features your children birthstones or names!

Coffee mugs are always a win in my book, I mean I drink allll the coffee so I might as well have all the mugs!

1. Custom Jewelry // 2. Coffee Mugs 

I’m way behind times but I think everyone needs an apple watch, I hear nothing but great things!

These candles are life changing! They smell better than you can imagine!

3. Apple Watch // 4. Volcano Candle

Shutterfly photo gifts mean more to a mama than you can imagine! Remembering the fleeing moments of her babies is always a great idea!

Ugg slippers are life, like literally life! I wear mine daily!

5. Shutterfly Photo Gifts // 6. Ugg Slippers

Louis Vuittons are such a timeless gift! Yes, they are an investment but I feel like I have already gotten so much use out of mine!

Who wouldn’t love an Ulta gift? New makeup to make me feel fresh & beautiful?! YES please!

7. Louis Vuitton // 8. Ulta Gift Card

New workout clothes are like the best, even if you’re like me and don’t workout! #thisneedstochange

Coffee mugs + coffee bar = the most caffeinated mom on tha block!

These #birks omg, they are seriously to die for!

9. Lululemon Athletic Clothes // 10. Ninja Coffee Bar // 11. Birkenstocks

I hope that no matter what you do or get for Mother’s Day that you are most importantly loved & cherished! Being a mama is the greatest gift of all and I am so blessed by my babes! All you mamas, you are loved, precious, perfect for your kids, worthy and most importanly loved by the most precious Savior!

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Happy Mother’s Day! –Early of course, for shopping purposes only 😉



  1. A few years ago I gifted my mom a Shutterfly photo book and she loved it! Such a great gift idea.
    You really can’t go wrong with any of these suggestions.
    xo, Lily

  2. Volcano candles are my favorite thing to both give and receive! They smell amazing and they have such a great look to them too!

  3. these are all such awesome ideas! my mom is an artist, so she asked for more colored pencils for mother’s day!

    stephanie //

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