Movin’ with Huggies Little Movers

Huxxy boo is on the move and thanks to Huggies® Little Movers I never question if they can keep up with my little guy and all his moves! Anyone else think its the cutest thing when your little babe starts moving in their own little way? It has always been my favorite thing to watch each little babe develop their own way of getting around! His “crawl” may be an unconventional army crawl with one little leg that works over time but it gets him from point A to B juuuust fine!

As you can imagine Huxx has big plans all day everyday with 2 older siblings! He wants to be wherever they are, doing whatever they’re doing and he doesn’t have time for a diaper that can’t keep up! Huggies® Little Movers are our go-to diapers!

They are both cute and functional with a unique design that allows a custom fit plus flexibility for your baby! They also feature double-grip strips to make sure that diaper isn’t moving, no matter how crazy those little moves get! There is nothing worse than going to get your baby after a long nights sleep to find their outfit or sheets wet! Let’s be honest, changing crib sheets is the worst!  Now I never worry about leaks with Huggies® Little Movers leak lock protection, even now that my little guy is sleeping 13+ hrs at night! #allthepraisehands

Diaper changes around our house are not fun for Huxx, he usually cries because I’m having to hold him down so I usually call in the sibling troops to sing, make silly faces, dance, find something random to give him (which gets interesting, “No Kaige your baby brother can’t play with a metal fork) ha! But I love having full confidence in the diapers I’m putting on that precious little dimply hiney! (why are dimply hineys so cute on babies, but not adults??)

Plus we all like to save money and time right? Right! So we always buy all of our diapers from Sam’s club to insure we are getting the most bang for our buck! You can find all the benefits to a Sam’s membership here, plus you can save $3 on your purchase of Huggies Little Movers! If you don’t have one near you, you can always take advantage of their free shipping on diapers & wipes anytime! And they also provide club pick up & subscriptions!

Think your baby has got some moves?? Make sure you visit the Sam’s club sweepstakes page to find out how your baby’s moves can possibly win you a $500 Sam’s Club gift card!


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