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A good bag is like a best friend, you never want to know what it’s like to live without them! I seriously love a good bag, whether it’s a purse for me, a diaper bag for the kids, or a weekend duffle that lets you stuff tons of stuff in it, you can never have too many bags right? Especially ones that don’t look  like diaper bags & can pass as a super cute mom tote to hide all of our crazy! Well I’m sharing my newest bag from JJ Cole in today’s post that I’m totally loving!

The JJ Cole Arrington is super sleek, stylish and fits tonssssss of goodies. Whether we are simply going on a walk (it comes with stroller clips), running errands, or leaving town for a few days I usually try to pack all the little people in one bag! It just makes it easier to have their stuff separate and a certain spot for everything. This bag has all the right compartments, a changing pads and is just super functional without compromising style!

On the reg I keep the following:

Diapers– at least a days worth!

Undies for the bigs- I mean they are called accidents for a reason, knock on wood we haven’t had one in a while, you never know

Wipes– I have one in each bag, my car, Matt’s truck…We basically use them to give our kids baths, clean the car, or the countertops thats how much we use them!

Small blanket– Texas weather, enough said

Chapstick- This is for me, I can’t stand for my lips to feel dry, and if the kids get hungry…ya feel me?! Totally kidding, but this has happened!

Extra clothes for all 3 kids- Just simple tshirt/short sets!

Snacks– My boys love to snack, like literally all day!

Sunscreen– You never know when a random nice park day might appear!

Lotion- Again, for me!

Tylenol- Sometimes teething kicks our tail so I always want to be prepared!

You can find all of the JJ Cole brand goodies at your local Babies R Us by clicking HERE!

What do you keep in your bag? I would love to see! This is #HowIPackMyJJCole


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