My Daughter, My Love

I love having a daughter. I love looking at her tiny little body and immediately seeing myself as a little girl. I love her motherly instincts. I love that she takes care of everything in her life with such a passion and true love. I love that she doesn’t waiver in her beliefs or thoughts (even though this causes about 99.9% of our arguments) I love that she is unaffected by people & kids around her and that she does what makes HER happy.

I recently got to watch her on the playground at school and she was a little butterfly out there! She bounced around from group to group and wasn’t really concerned with playing with one set of girls. She played with the boys, she played alone, she played with a few girls and my heart was happy! I love that she’s independent enough to make her own decisions on what makes her happy and not just going along with the big crowd!
My daughter is strong. She is beautiful. She is loved. She’s everything I ever wanted in a daughter.
She makes me grow. She pushes my buttons as a mom and she makes me realize all the things my mom used to say to me were true! Ha!

Raising A Girl
Raising A GirlRaising A Girl
I remember growing up my mom would tell me “Bailey, you don’t always have to give an opinion” “Bailey, you’re not always right” “Bailey, are you sure you don’t want to go do things your friends are doing” (obviously not bad things just things in general that most people would be part of that just didn’t interest me) and boy oh boy have I created a mini! She is just like me in all of these ways. If it doesn’t work out in her brain where she totally understands she will ask you questions until she’s blue in the face! If her shoes aren’t just right, if you change her routine, if you change your mind on something…you’re going to hear about it from little miss!
I pray that I can be the mom she needs. My mom was so patient with my strong willed self, she made me realize things when I couldn’t see them and I am so appreciative for the way she helped mold me!
I have lots of guiding to do with Greleigh but what I do know is that she will be a strong, courageous, nurturing person who loves to give herself to others!

Raising A GirlRaising A GirlRaising A Girl
This photo shoot was an impromptu shoot where she seriously dressed all of her baby dolls, got them ready, loaded them in a stroller and set them up for each shot. She was seriously the sweetest thing, telling them to smile & look at the camera. She was a proud mama! What makes this even more special is some of these are my dolls and I even had a professional photo shoot with them in Kindergarten! Ha! Totally not kidding! I’ll try to dig up that picture! To be honest, I was somewhat put out by her request to take these photos but now I tear up looking at them. They seem silly to others but to me, they are everything! They show my sweet spirited girl who loves her babies, loves being a mom and truly loved this moment getting to arrange something in her own creative way!

My daughter, my love, she will always be a breath of fresh air in my life! 

PS. This sweet baby girl just entered her 2nd year with Jonas Paul Eyewear! She is a brand ambassador and gets to promote the cutest kid glasses on the planet! They also donate a pair for every pair purchased! We are so blessed to be part of this company and could not be more thankful for glasses that fit our sweet girl and her sassy personality!


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