Nested Bean Zen Sack | Review

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I always say in baby world “you can never have too much of a good thing!” If you have something that works or baby loves, stock up on it, buy alllllll of them because you just never know how many you might need…in our life that is sleep sacks!

We have several of them and its the only way Huxx will sleep soundly. Huxx is thankfully a very good sleeper, most nights I get a 9-10 hour stretch which is AMAZING!

We recently found Nested Bean on INSTAGRAM and I couldn’t wait to try this neat little sleep sack out! It says within 1-3 nights your baby will be sleeping better so I thought “hey might as well try” even though I already have a pretty good sleeper, so fast forward to the first night we used the Zen Sack, he continued to sleep 9 hours or so and then the magic happened on the 2nd night, he slept from 6-6:15, yes ladies 12 HOURS of SOLID sleep, not a peep from him….allllll the praise hands!!!!

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Now let me give you a little bit of information behind this magic sleep sack! So all of us moms know that babies simply loved to be touched, they love to have someone’s hand on their chest or back while the sleep, it makes them feel secure to have that weight on them and they know IMMEDIATELY when you take your hand off…well the Zen Sack provides that feeling of constant touch through a weighted chest piece filled with non-toxic filling. Touch has been researched in sleep studies to significantly increase sleep patterns which in turns creates longer stretches of uninterrupted sleep, which is what we all want! It features 2 snaps on the shoulder pieces for adjusting with the growth of your baby as well as a silent two-way zipper for those diaper changes in the middle of the night! Have a belly sleeper like me? Well have no fear, you can easily just flip the weighted piece to their back to mimic the feeling of your palm on their back!! (angels singing) Huxx flips around from belly to back to side throughout the night and it has never bothered him if he turns to his back and lays on the weighted part, it lays pretty level so its not like he is laying on a hump!

So if you have an even younger babe, they also have the Zen Swaddle which is the same concept in swaddle form, you can see it right here! I wish I had discovered them earlier so I could have tried the swaddle too, so someone PLEASE order it and let me know how much you love it! Also make sure you head to NESTED BEAN’S website to read all about their mission!

You can order here as they have just launched with…wait for it…TARGET!
See he’s happy about Target too 😉
I can’t say enough good things about this sleep sack and by Huxx’s increased sleeping lengths I think he agrees, we LOVE it! It’s so cute to me, now when Huxx feels me put his arms in the sleep sack you can almost immediately see him get sleepy and know it’s bed time!
And speaking of bed time, little man is beyond ready and has had a rough day of teething/post day shots so we’re all #yawns over here! Goodnight & sweet dreams! ZzzzZzzZzzZzz



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