The Cloth That Changed The Way I Clean — Norwex

Have you heard of Norwex? I had seen several people in the past share about Norwex products and had never had the time to really check them out until a girl in my October pregnancy group reached out to me to see if I would be interested in trying out one of her products!! I was so excited to get my product, which is their microfiber cleaning cloth and let’s just say I’ve said bye-bye to all my other cloths for this gem!!


First and foremost my favorite part about Norwex products is their constant effort to make the most environmentally/health friendly products on the market! They are reducing waste and reducing chemicals one household at a time for a better world!
The microfiber cloth I received is hands down the best cleaning cloth I’ve ever used. The microfiber cloth can be used wet or dry! Unlike regular cotton that simple pushes germs & particles around on your surfaces the dry microfiber cloth actually clings and holds on to grime/dust/germs to rid them from the surfaces for the most efficient cleaning around using the electrostatic charge! Wetting the cloth activates the self purifying micro-silver that helps clean our surfaces without the use of harsh chemicals! #winning
The cloth is super easy to care for, you can simply throw it in the wash or hand wash with Norwex detergent and then throw it in the dryer to recreate the electrostatic charge! (Just don’t use and fabric softeners as these can make the fibers lose some of their natural cleaning abilities)
Overall I’m super impressed with my microfiber cloth and I’m pretty sure there are tons more products I would love to purchase! They even have products like lips mops and things so they can be a part of cleaning up our homes &a environment! If you would like some more information visit my friend Leah’s page and contact her for any questions you may have!


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