9 Tips for Potty Training Success

Hello my fellow “mommy can you come wipe me” for the 1736th time mamas…

     When you start changing diapers in those first days, they are so cute and tiny…well that quickly changes, right?
Let’s fast forward to the last few days of diapers before you throw in the towel and say “potty training, lets do this” THOSE diapers are not cute…not even one bit, they kinda make you gag and wonder why you ever had kids, am I right or am I right? There is just something about toddler poop that just doesn’t seem right…so I’m here to give a few tips/tricks that made those toddler diaper days shorter…
     Greleigh was fully potty trained by 22 months, including nap/night time and Kaige was daytime potty trained by 24 months! I mean neither of those is crazy early but I am proud and we had very easy transitions! Kaige still wears a diaper a nap/nighttime but I’ve been assured by most people that it’s pretty normal for boys to still need a diaper during those times, so I’m believing that and just going with it!
     By no means am I writing this because I think I’m some sort of potty-training goddess because that is definitely not the case but I have been asked lots how I got them both trained so quickly and effectively! So here ya go…
1. Before you even bring out the potty chair start taking your baby to the bathroom EVERY time you go!!
2. Tell them what you’re doing…I would sit them down and say “look mommy is going potty” and get them interested (yes it kinda seems weird to have your child watching so intently but they need to understand the process before you expect them to be on board
3. Ditch the diapers…like throw them out so you aren’t tempted. Yes going out placbes it’s so easy to just be like “eh they’re not that good yet, we will do a diaper, DONT do it!
4. Be diligent before and during outings to make sure they are using the potty immediately before getting in the car and immediately once you reach your destination!
5. Don’t ask “do you need to potty?” Because most likely they will say “no” and then when you respond with “yes” it then has become a fight, so just say “hey we’re gonna go potty, c’mon!!”
6. At home, they go naked, no undies, until we have a firm grasp! If you follow me on snapchat then you have seen Kaige naked more times than you can probably count. I find this so important especially if you are potty training with other babies at home! If I had to take off pants everytime he needed to potty (which in the beginning was 172848 times a day) I would have lost.my.mind…so no pants it is! ????
7. I didn’t do this with gre and wish I would have, but skip the potty chair, and go straight for the big potty! I did with Kiahe and couldn’t be happier, no nasty potty to clean (biggest plus EVER) forgetting to dump the potty or having to transition from the baby potty to the big potty!
8. Give treats, after each successful potty trip! Not huge ones but enough to make them excited, we did things like mini chocolate chips, skittles, mini m&ms, etc! And don’t reward unsuccessful trips, evennnnn if they cry/whine for one…I know that’s hard!! #heartbreaking
9. Be patient, there will be set backs and there most definitely will be accidents! Don’t let the accidents go un noticed though, make sure they realize they messed up but be supportive in telling them we will try again!
10. Do a happy dance when you don’t have to change any more poopy diapers!!!! Amen right?!


And I’ll leave you with my favorite potty training picture ever…
potty training
If you have any questions/comments or what’s worked for you please leave them below or message me! I’d love to help! ????


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