The Perfect Shot with Shotbox

As many of you know getting a “good” picture requires so much time, effort, & patience! If you are a fellow blogger I know you get this, we spend countless hours getting the perfect shot whether it be food, a pacifier, our children, or a flat lay of an array of items….it can honestly be so daunting! Well I’ve been dying to share with all of you, bloggers or shop owners alike, the Shotbox! 

So what is Shotbox? Shotbox is an all in one portable photo light studio that helps you take the most gorgeous pictures without having to set up all of your bulky equipment. As a blogger this is huge!  Sometimes I need to photograph items sent for review and can not for the life of me get the light, plus my tripod, plus the camera angle right and I wind up spending hours only to be frustrated and have poor quality images that are washed out, covered in shadows from my hands and don’t do the product justice! In a world where first impressions are so important you need the pictures you take to speak for the brands or your brand itself, so Shotbox is an investment worth making!

Shotbox was originally a Kickstarter campaign and did really well so they have expanded their reach and I know once the word really gets out these little boxes will be the conveted item of bloggers/shop owners alike!

The set up is remarkably easy and they provide everything you need to make this Shotbox your go-to portable studio for small items! It also comes with different backdrop colors to help you get the perfect shot (green, blue, white & black are included) You can use your DSLR as well as your iPhone or other digital cameras. You are able to snap pictures from a birds eye view as well as attaching the “side shot” which allows additional lighting to be used and a straight-on camera angle!


It can be disassembled in literally 5-10 seconds!

I wanted to share some pictures with all of you to show you just how great the quality is with this set up, even when I use my iPhone! The pictures speak for themselves and you can definitely see the quality difference in a simple glance! In one quick look every reader/follower would be drawn to the clean, crisp, well lit photo as opposed to the photo covered in shadows with poor lighting!



I mean if these pictures don’t blow your mind then I don’t know what will! The light strips can also be dimmed as well as turned off on one side or the other to get that perfectly lit scenario for your pictures! You can shop Shotbox here & read their FAQ here & find tons of helpful videos here on using your Shotbox to it’s fullest capability!

Who wants to take their photos to the next level while cutting down the time it takes you to capture them? Shotbox is offering all readers of Everyday With Bay Blog $50 off a Shotbox by using the code “SB50” at checkout!


Thank you to Shotbox for sponsoring today’s post! All opinions, images and content are that of my own! Thank you for supporting any brands/items that are being feteaured here on Everyday With Bay, they all help make it possible!


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