Slow Down Mama

Slow down mama, yes you…the mom who keeps telling your children to “hurry up”, who keeps counting to 10 in hopes that it makes them clean up their mess faster, the mom who has said hold on 723 times to that tiny hand pulling on your shirt! Breathe, mama. It’s okay to slow down. It’s okay to take time to breathe them in, the giggles, the silly jokes, the mess, the dirt, the chaos…slow down and soak that in because the moments are fleeting!

I’ve been really struggling with letting go & trying to be more for my kids by doing less. Doing less junk that takes away from my kids and my happiness!

It’s okay to take the sibs to preschool drop off in their pjs (Huxx on the reg y’all)! –They really are more comfy that way & lets be honest, most moms wish they were doing the same thing, who are we trying to impress??

It’s okay that your children fed themselves breakfast this morning which consisted of a frozen waffle, coco puffs and more milk on the table than in the bowl. –In my defense they like frozen waffles #weird

It’s okay that your son might secretly sleep in his comfy athletic clothes for the next day so you don’t have to dress him in the chaotic morning! –His dad showed me this trick & it’s kind of genius…I laugh when we do it but heck it makes my mornings so much smoother when I’m trying to get everyone out the door.

It’s okay that there is more dirty laundry than clean! –Will it ever end? I have been so much better about not letting this stress me out because you know what…even if/when you catch up…it starts alll back over

It’s okay that breakfast was a fail, and hey, lunch might be McDonalds nugs! –#becausekids

It’s okay that you could possibly feed someone a meal off of your floor because you just haven’t had time to clean them! –Again, I feel like I’m defending myself a lot here but y’all the ages of my 3 kids is rough (4 ,3 ,18 months) so many little hands, crumbs and spills….

It’s okay that you yelled at them today! –We mamas sometimes lose our minds, give them an extra kiss & a treat and you’ll feel better! ps. they have already forgotten.

It’s okay that you need a girls night or date night once a week! — Don’t ever let anyone make you feel guilty for time away from your kids. You deserve it. Fill your cup too!

It’s okay that nap time used to mean cleaning, chores, and planning dinner but now it means revive & survive until bedtime! — I used to feel guilty if I didn’t accomplish things at nap time and now I’m just like “Babe, I did absolutely nothing during naptime” (Matt is usually thankful when I do this because it actually puts me in a better mood!) and it was glorious!

So mamas, slow down, give yourself a little break, play harder, make messes, have some you time and remember you are totally rocking the hardest, most rewarding job you’ll ever have! Those little people love you. They won’t remember the messy house, the laundry piles (in fact, those make great piles to jump off the couch on to) the times you lost your temper or even how well you cooked in the early years. But they will remember, the way you held them, the way you smelled, the way you smiled & laughed at their silly jokes and that you were their mama!

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