Snack Attack with Gerber Lil’ Beanies

Okay, so my days get pretty hectic around here, from feeding a baby on demand to two demanding toddlers I feel like all I do is prepare food, be the food and think of the next meal/snack for my kiddos! As a busy mom I try to keep their food healthy, delicious and easy to clean up (because let’s get real, I barely have time to go to the bathroom much less clean up a huge mess after meals/snacks.) So when I found these, Lil’ Beanies (Gerber® Lil’Beanies™), I knew I had scored big time!! #gerberwinwin

Food is a huge part of our day! My kids are all up by 7:30 or so and they begin the day with breakfast, I mean like…immediately! We usually do something quick like cereal, scrambled eggs, fruit and/or yogurt! That satisfies them for about…. an hour and then they are wanting a snack! “Snack” is on repeat here and it’s hard finding easy, delicious, healthy & non messy snacks! So a few days ago I was strolling through our local Target and found these Gerber® Lil’Beanies™ and was so intrigued by them!

Lil’ Beanies contain no GMOs, no artificial colors or preservatives, are made from high quality ingredients; the first one being navy beans! Lil’ Beanies are packed with protein and fiber and taste so yummy (I always taste my toddler/baby food don’t you?!) I purchased the broccoli & cheddar and the original flavor and they are both a hit around here!

We had them outside with us during cousin chalk time on the patio and the cartons were devoured within a few minutes! 

Cousins who snack together stay together! Am I right? So back to Target I go to stock up on these yummy treats for all my babes!


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