3 Ways To Spread Love This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day means so much more to me these days! Now that the world is unfortunately filled with so much hate and negativity I love that Valentine’s Day is a day where everyone has the chance to spread love! It doesn’t have to just be a romantic holiday, it can be one that reaches everyone you come in contact with! Surrounding people in love is truly such a gift and can be so powerful! I am sharing with you the top 3 ways to spread love this Valentine’s Day!


I mean honestly who doesn’t love receiving a gift? Especially when it comes from someone you love! Whether it be a 50 cent ring from your kiddos, a bottle of perfume from your parents or a beautiful bouquet of flowers from your significant other/husband, they all mean so much! To know that someone is thinking of you & wants to brighten your day with something special just truly means so much! Personally I am a flowers girl, not only on Valentine’s Day but any day can get a wholeeee lot better if I’m greeted with some beautiful fresh flowers! I recently received this gorgeous arrangement from 1-800Flowers and I am seriously overly obsessed with them. I have used 1-800Flowers several times for sending flowers to friends, my mom, etc and I am never disappointed in the pricing, delivery times & overall quality of the flowers! They even do gift boxes now with things like cookies, fruit, candy, flowers etc! It’s just a one stop shop for brightening someones day & with Valentine’s Day right around the corner you can use this link to save 20% on your total order by using promo code “WHYILOVE  What a deal right? I feel like I need to go send out twinsie arrangements to all my girlfriends & family because they are THAT pretty!

You can also check out my gift guide here!


One of the most memorable things about Valentine’s day is the cards/letters I get! My hubs is truly the best card writer ever and always makes me cry! I feel like it always shows his true love from the heart & I never get tired of reading them! I keep all of my cards and sometimes when I find a stash of cards I go back and read each one & it’s so amazing to see how much I am loved as well as how our life has changed over the years. They are timeless and truly my favorite part of Valentine’s Day! But don’t let that stop you from writing a card/letter to anyone just to tell them how much they mean to you! Spreading love through words can truly be so powerful!


Okay so maybe you don’t feel like you are good at expressing your feelings, or maybe you are on a tight budget this year well have no fear, most people just want quality time with special people in their lives whether that be a spouse, friend, sibling, etc! What a better way to spread love than spending time loving on those important people in your lives!

Spreading love this Valentine’s Day to anyone I come across is definitely my goal! So many people don’t have spouses/significant others to love on so why not spread love to those as well? I can’t imagine all the lives that would be touched if we all just did a little more to spread love all around this year! I think our world needs it! Because #lovewins every time, all the time!



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