Spring Essentials for Kids

Spring time fun can seriously be some of my favorite days! It’s got potential (when it’s not blowing 400 mph) to be gorgeous outside, not too hot and everything is just so full of crisp life and a new outlook! At least that’s how we feel! After winter is over I am literally looking for any excuse to be outside with my kids! We are all better people when were outside enjoying the nice air!

We recently got together with some friends for some spring-time fun & exploring at the local aboretum here which is gorgeous! There is a little walking trail and flowers everywhere! It’s a dream really and the kids had a blast! Other than mosquitos the size of our hand, we all had an amazing time! We were chaotic and a hotmess at times but I’m blessed with great friends who just laugh along with me! If you watched my snap this last Friday then you heard about the mud experiences that ensued! Gre bear slipped in the mud and her shoes, feet, and hands were absolutely covered in the thickest, most nasty mud I had ever seen! I of course, being the hot mess mom that I am left all of my stuff in the car #because3kids. I didn’t have enough hands for everything. Well thanks to Cassie, and an entire package of her wipes I think…Greleigh basically got a bath! I told Cassie “If anything else happens, I am going home, like literally leaving” and then…God always has a way of teaching us things in these situations! Seconds later Kaige jumped off a little ledge and fell backwards in the mud! Did I mention they were both in brand new outfits? NO? Well they totally were! I had to laugh to keep from crying but we pushed on! Like I said, I think this was God’s way of being like “Get out and do stuff with friends, yes there will be situations that make you want to go home but push through and you’ll see the amazing times and bonds you can create by getting out with your children” I honestly struggle with that, 3 kids is hard yall and sometimes I just chose to stay home because it’s easier here. They are all in their element, I know where they are and I know if we have a meltdown no one will see it or judge me! BUT after this outing I decided, it’s spring time and almost summer….I will get out with my kids and experience life! Mud, meltdowns and all! So enough about that, let’s get on to some of my favorite spring time essentials for my babes!

1. Outdoor Blankets

This blanket has been a life saver. I keep it in my car and we use it for impromptu park time, picnics, and days with friends! It doesn’t collect grass or dirt and can easily be washed! Use code GLACEIER15 for 15% off!

Purchase here!

2. Rompers

My go-to outfit choice for Greleigh is rompers of any kind! This girl loves to do cartwheels, backbends, front rolls, etc so I find that something one piece is our go to. She hates having to worry about her dresses, skirts or shirt rising up when she’s doing her thing, so these are a must have!

3. Athletic Clothes

ALL.DAY.EVERYDAY for my boys! They live in these and I love it. I know they are always comfortable and they can be #boys! They are so versatile and can handle the roughest of tumbles!


I mean do I even need to explain?! Look at these cuties enjoying their popsicles! I cant even handle the cuteness! My babes ask for them on the reg and I love seeing their sweet color stained faces when they are finished!


THIS. This one is everything. Friends mean so much and I think us moms can get so wrapped up in the easy everyday routine of staying at home or not wanting people over because our house is messy that we miss out on realtionships for ourselves & our kiddos! I am speaking to myself here! I had such a fun day with my friends and my babes couldn’t stop talking about how much fun they had with their friends playing and eating popsicles!

Click below on my two precious friend’s to read about more spring essentials you can’t live without! Happy Friday friends!ย 

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