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Giveaway | 4- $175 Winners

Boy, did you choose an amazing day to head to Everyday With Bay! We have a super amazing giveaway hitting the blog today & I’m so excited to share it! We will be awarding $700 total to 4 $175 winners! But first, this weekend went by wayyyy too fast around here! We had plans with friends that got messed up because #life but I got to spend time with my babies and that’s always a win so I call it a success! I’ve already got a case of the Monday’s and it’s Sunday night when I’m writing this! 😉 It’s never enough time with daddy home, my mom visiting for a bit and lazy weekend hangs! But I hope this giveaway brightens your Monday & hopefully you will be the winner!  read more

Christmas Traditions + “Bonus” Day of Blogmas

Merry Christmas Everyone! I wrote this post a week ago so I am enjoying the day with my family but I wanted to share a few family Christmas traditions with all of you that have carried over for years! Since I was a little girl so many of these shaped the way we looked at Christmas and how we made it special all while keeping Jesus the center of our day! I hope all of you make traditions and keep them going every year! Here are just a few we did growing up that I have continued with my own children! read more

Christmas Movies + Day 12 of Blogmas

Christmas movies, I wish I could watch them all year round! However, I am one of those people who can not watch Christmas movies if it’s not close to Christmas. I get super sad that it’s not Christmas time and in the end it just makes me very bummed out so I steer clear. But when it’s finally November I bust out all of the movies I can & will watch them on repeat! We do movie nights with the kids where we make a huge comfy pallet on the floor, make a fire, eats ridiculous amounts of popcorn & candy and just have some great quality time together! It’s moments like those that I hope they remember forever! Some of my all time favorite Christmas movies that I may or may not have watched 12819 times each! read more

Letter to Santa + Day 11

Letters to Santa…some of the sweetest memories I have as a child! I remember each year sitting down with my sister to write our letters to Santa. We were very detailed and I always had wayyyy too many things on there, with way too many specifics that now looking back on it I just think, “man my poor mama!” My Santa was the best there was and didn’t ever disappoint! Christmas morning usually resulted in everything from my list being sprawled out all over the living room floor but my absolute all time favorite thing about Christmas morning was the letter from Santa! Talk about the coolest thing ever in my mind! He knew so much about us, every little detail actually, always mentioned my dad and how proud he must have been of his girls…literally I’m not sure one Christmas went by that my sister and I didn’t cry when we read our letter! So thankful that my precious mom kept them all because now we have years & years of these precious Santa letters that are so fun & emotional to go back and read. It may sound silly but those letters were magical, they connected us to such a special place, reminded us of the true meaning of Christmas and were just such an important part of our Christmas morning! We actually still get Santa letters and I still make my sister read them out loud because I can’t do it without bawling! #emotionalmess read more

Christmas Cookies + Day 10 of Blogmas

If Christmas cookies don’t get you excited then I just don’t know if we can be friends! Ha! One of my all time favorite memories as a child is making Christmas cookies and decorating them with my mom & sister! I remember there was always way too much icing, wayyyy too many sprinkles and it was perfect! Too be honest I’m not a baker, like at all! I generally just do slice & bake…or pre rolled cookie dough! It really is just #momlife #mylife! There are so many of these amazing moms out there that bake these amazing cookies that look like they came out of a magazine and I just can’t hang! HA! So I’m sharing some of my favorite Pin-spiration cookie ideas on my food board!  read more

Christmas Sweaters + Day 9 of Blogmas Giveaway

If you haven’t purchased ugly Christmas sweaters in your lifetime then you just aren’t living! They are seriously so fun & one of my favorite things about the holiday season! I really want to attend a huge ugly Christmas sweater party but my one at MOPS will have to do this year! 🙂 I got mine at Walmart this year but I have rounded up a few of my favorites from Nordstrom, so go ahead and shop early so you are super prepared for next year! 

Holiday Hairstyle | Half-Up Top Knot + Day 7 of Blogmas

Ready for a super fun holiday hairstyle in under 5 minutes?! So I have had many requests to show exactly how I do my half top knot messy top knot so I thought I would finally show all of you!! It’s such a fun & easy hairstyle! It takes some getting used to because I initially thought I looked goofy but I just decided to embrace it and now it’s a favorite! I get complements on it all the time! Just don’t over think it & got for it! Watch the video below for a step by step! read more

Holiday Outfits For The Family + Blogmas Day 4

Holiday outfits are my absolute favorite! I love wearing all the festive colors and getting everyone involved! This year we decided to do extended family pictures with my mom and sister’s family and I am so happy with how they turned out! Monica Bartels Photography took them and we couldn’t be happier with the result! We decided to stick with a holiday stripe or buffalo plaid to mix together to create the perfect holiday outfits!