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3 Reasons You NEED Girl’s Night

Girl’s nights, they are a must around here…like I NEED them regularly! It’s so nice to have girl talk, drink wine and just chit chat about things that, lets be honest, our men don’t care about! The last girl’s night I had was with a group of precious local bloggers and it was a blast! Not only are the girls super sweet but they all run amazing blogs and sometimes you just need other bloggers to talk hashtags, collabs and how much work it really is, because these girls get it! read more

Slow Down Mama

Slow down mama, yes you…the mom who keeps telling your children to “hurry up”, who keeps counting to 10 in hopes that it makes them clean up their mess faster, the mom who has said hold on 723 times to that tiny hand pulling on your shirt! Breathe, mama. It’s okay to slow down. It’s okay to take time to breathe them in, the giggles, the silly jokes, the mess, the dirt, the chaos…slow down and soak that in because the moments are fleeting!

Keepin’ It Real Thursday — Olive & Tate

So I thought it would be fun to have a new guest mommy blogger every Thursday to help “keep it real” & help you mamas make it to Friday!! So let me introduce you to Stephanie from Olive & Tate! Sit back, get ready to laugh and enjoy her fabulous mom-humor! Stephanie is a Starbucks fueled wife and baby boy mama who finds complete joy in a generously poured glass of red wine under reasonably clean white sheets at the end of the day. Stephanie loves run on sentences, silence and fondly reminiscing about her pre-baby boobs. You can find her overly honest account of life on her blog, Olive and Tate or follow all of the crazy on InstagramFacebook and Twitter

=&0=& 1. WHAT is that smell. 2. I have got to remember to crack the windows at night so this thing can air out. 3. When will this kid learn to buckle himself in? 4. I should really start carrying full sized trash bags in this car. 5. Why are all of my cup holders ALWAYS full. 6. I should get more cup holders. 7. Can you buy cup holders for cars? I wonder if stroller cup holders will clip on somewhere. 8. No, we cannot listen to Disney Radio. 9. I can never find a pen when I need one. 10. Wonder if the bank will accept a check written in crayon… 11.  I should probably throw away yesterday’s Chick-Fil-A trash before we drive through again today. 12. Maybe that smell is a chicken nugget lost under the seats somewhere. 13. Why is my steering wheel sticky? 14. Every place on Earth should have a drive-through. I will drive across town to the dry cleaner with a drive through and not think twice about it. If I opened a business, it would definitely have a drive through. 15. God, that counting app is annoying. 16. I wonder when the baby will actually wear headphones… 17. Listen to him counting! He’s sooooo smart! 18. The Chick-Fil-A drive through girl just called me by name. At least she knows to double down on the Polynesian sauce. 19. I will throw that iPad out the window if he doesn’t start playing another damn app. 20. I wonder if I can get away with driving all the way home before he starts screaming for chicken nuggets. 21. *bites chicken nuggets into 100 pieces and hands them back* 22. Wait, does he have stickers? 23. No. No stickers on my windows. 24. Do we own Goo Gone? 25. Oh hey, Dad in the minivan, I see you rocking that kid wagon and I’m jealous of your DVD player. 26. So many red lights, so few minutes until nap time. 27. I think my next car needs WIFI so we can stream anything other than THE COUNTING APP. 28. I wonder if this chicken nugget covered salad is really healthy. Like, could I just order a #1 combo instead? 29. Oh, no sir, don’t you even think about falling asleep in this car! 30. *singing at the top of my lungs to prevent a car nap* 31. Almost home, almost home, almost home. 32. Please transfer, please transfer, please transfer. 33. Ok, but seriously, what is that smell? =&1=& <Stephanie Old Navy Look-Stephanie Old Navy Look-0067 (1).jpg>

Huxx’s Birth Story + Life Now

Birth story a year later…better late than never right?! 3rd baby problems is a true true statement my friends! Although it’s been a year since our sweet little Huxx completed our family I still remember his “birth”-day so fresh in my mind…I remember how his little warm body felt, the way he smelled, how tiny he was compared to my other babies (their birth stories here & here) & the way he stole our hearts!

Discipline, from the mom who doesn’t want to…

Dear Moms,

I see you, I see that exhausted look all over your face! I see that you are slowly breaking down every time your toddler throws a fit when you tell them “no”, or when your baby who is super proud of his new teeth starts biting every thing in sight, including his um “food source”…which results in you letting out a possibly scary “NO” which breaks his heart, I see you…Every phase of life comes with new trials and new challenges! Every day there is a struggle with myself on whether or not I’m failing at this motherhood thing. It’s hard y’all, there are days when I just don’t want to. I don’t want to put my kids in time out, don’t want to spank their tiny honeys, don’t want to redirect, don’t want to tell them “NO”, don’t want to put forth energy getting on to them for the 1293410293 time about being rough with their baby brother…I just don’t want to discipline every second of everyday and then I remember… read more

Boys will be boys

 love my little boys! They are just the right amount of dirt & noise that this mama needs! They love me hard and the wear me out! They are my boys!

We had some fun in the sun before bed tonight and our Pull Ups couldn’t have been cuter or kept up better with all these moves my little guy was pulling out! He was Chuck E Cheese “ticket splashing” with our grass clippings! Haha! #boys

image image image

Boys were a hard transition for me to be honest! I grew up in an all girl family and my dad died when I was six so it’s been all girl, all my life! read more

3 things I’ve learned since becoming a mom to three!

So 3’s a crowd huh? Or at least 3 kids is to most people! I just don’t get it. Nor do I want to! The way most people have a negative outlook on families with 3 kids is something that has frustrated me for awhile now! I can’t tell you how many people told us to stop when we had “the perfect family” with one boy & one girl!  I get it, that may be perfect for some but that wasn’t perfect for us and that’s okay! My 3 kids are my world and I think it’s so crucial to do what you feel is best for you & your family! I’ve always wanted 4 babies and some part of me still does, but my hubs does not so we have 3 and whatever happens I was made to be the mama of these 3 babes! read more