The Cold Shoulder Trend | Why It Isn’t Going Anywhere

The “cold” shoulder trend, people may call it cold but my goodness it is one of the hottest trends to date! You see it everywhere and there is a reason! I truly don’t see it dying out anytime soon and I’m going to share with you several reasons why you can expect to see it around for the long haul!




It’s fun– I have yet to find a cold shoulder top that wasn’t just love at first sight!

It adds flair– It’s a subtle way to add some flair to your outfit without being too out there!

It’s mom appropriate– I know as mom’s we question what we can wear after children and this trend is a total home run! It makes you feel a little more put together and maybe even a little sexy because lets be honest yoga pants and a tee with spit up doesn’t exactly make you feel ooh la la! It helps you come back to loving your body even if it’s just your arms for the time being! You’ll learn to love your post baby body so just embrace the little changes and find other ways to spice up your wardrobe!

It doesn’t have an age– I’ve seen anyone from sweet little toddlers to my grandma wearing cold shoulder tops & I think everyone can feel cute wearing one!

It’s flattering on everyone– The great thing about the cold shoulder top is the amount of shoulder showing totally depends on the top! You can look for a top that shows a tiny bit or one that shows your entire arm! It’s flattering on everyone and I truly think it’s a trend that makes everyone feel good!




I don’t see the “cold” shoulder top fading out anytime soon and I am so happy! It’s honestly one of my favorite trends of all time and I can’t wait to see all of you trying it out! If you are doubting that you can pull it off I highly recommend shaking that insecurity and trying one on, I don’t think you will regret it! Go rock one of the hottest “cold” trends of the fashion world!

Photos provided by Kingdom Come Photography


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