The Truth About Eyelash Extensions

Anyone else out there all for cutting down one step to getting ready in the morning? Yah, you can definitely sign me up for that! I pretty much want all my makeup to be permanent so I can truly say “I woke up like this” without scaring anyone! Even though eyelash extensions aren’t totally permanent they do offer that natural or dramatic “pop” that can really make your eyes stand out and cut out the need for daily mascara! ps. (continue reading for discount deets)

I have wanted to get eyelash extensions for a long time now and have honestly just been somewhat hesitant! I have heard stories of lashes falling out, irritated eyes, etc so I finally decided I had to try them for myself to debunk so many of these “what if’s!” I did my research on the best places to go, what to look for, when to run and found the best fit for me at The Lash Lounge of Lubbock.

Let me tell you, from the moment I walked in I knew this place was going to be a new obsession! It was so cute, all of the girls were so friendly and professional and by looking at clients walking in & out I knew I was going to be so satisfied with their work!

They have many different cubicles to receive your treatment, each of them has a comfy little bed that you lay on and basically you drift off into ‘vacation mode’ while they make you look fabulous! They entire process for a full set took about 1 hour and 30 minutes. They apply 1 single extension per natural lash. You also can choose the style, the curl, and if you want it more for fullness or length. It’s totally tailored to the type of look you are going for which is one of my favorite things because we all want to achieve different looks!

Once my lashes were applied and I opened my eyes I honestly couldn’t believe how great they felt. I seriously couldn’t even feel them and it was such a refreshing feeling because in my mind I thought they might feel like strip lashes! I had a span of time in college where I had to wear those every day when I pulled out half my eyelashes in an eyelash curler! It was the worst! You can read all about the services The Lash Lounge provides here as well as prices!

So now I would like to address some of the most common false statements about lash extensions…

  • Eyelash extensions will ruin your natural lashes

-This all depends on where you go, if the technician isn’t well trained, if they use the wrong/too much glue, weight of the lashes, etc. This is why it is SO important to do your research, read reviews and get to know the place you choose before jumping in to it. I feel like things that alter your natural beauty need to researched fully and also remember you are most likely getting what you pay for! (hint: somewhere that is offering $40 for a full set of eyelash extensions in a closet of a nail salon is probably not the best idea)

  • Eyelash extensions make your lashes fall out

-Most of us aren’t even aware that our eyelashes are constantly falling out. They shed in a natural 4-6 week cycle and it has most likely just become a thing that you don’t even notice. That is until you get lash extensions, then it’s like you are watching for every little lash but don’t freak out! It’s normal to shed lashes and since the extensions are attached to your natural lash it’s just going to happen!

  • It hurts

– This one couldn’t be more false, I was basically sleeping through the entire process. It was so relaxing and the bed was so comfortable! It was like my mommy get away time, trust me I wouldn’t be doing something in my alone time that hurt in any way!

  • It will stunt your natural lash growth

-This is just an optical illusion. You are just used to seeing full/long lashes for the last few weeks so once they are all gone it can appear that your natural lashes are shorter and thinner but in reality they are just back to normal! (womp womp)


-Use water based facial cleanser

-No mascara or if you do add it to the tips only and use water based

-Do not rub your eyes

-Tame lashes with a mascara type wand brush

-Get them filled in every 2-3 weeks to keep the fullness

Have you been thinking about getting eyelash extensions? What is holding you back? I can’t recommend The Lash Lounge enough and know you will be blown away by their services! I am now wanting to try the eye brow treatments, makeup application for events, and their permanent makeup when they get that up & running!! PS. They also have the most adorable clothes!

Right now The Lash Lounge is running a 30% off back to school promo until 9/10 + an additional $10 off for EDWB readers (just mention my blog)!!

A huge thank you to The Lash Lounge of Lubbock for sponsoring today’s post. All thoughts, opinions and images are that of my own.




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